Can Chlorophyll Help Prevent Sugar Crashes

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For those of us with impaired sugar metabolism, sugar crashes can be a common occurrence. Besides following a solid nutritional program, the question has been asked if chlorophyll can help reduce sugar crashes.

Well, the short answer is “yes”. The longer question is how does it work in the body?

With impaired glucose metabolism the cell structure in the body has gone through a number of mutations (Harvard Medical School. Boston Israel Hospital, Insulin Resistance). The mutations happen over time and are due to a couple issues. The food we eat can create an imbalance in our body that uses too many nutrients (see

  • Sugar, Stress, and Calcium
  • . Or, the food may not contain enough nutrients to nourish the body.

    Dr. Alvin Segelmen and colleges have done some ground breaking research on chlorophyll and its antigenotoxicity properties. A genotoxin is something which can damage the DNA. Therefore, antigenotoxicity prevents damage to the DNA. His research identified that any chlorophyll plant based substance has the ability to inhibit DNA damage. Chlorophyll also had antimutagenic properties (Simon Chernomorsky, Alvin Segelman. Ronald D. Poretz, Effect of dietary chlorophyll derivatives on mutagenesis and tumor cell growth)

    Dr. Richard Willstater is another researcher. Dr. Willstatter won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry due to his research on chlorophyll (“Richard Willstätter – Biography”. His work identified the cell structure of chlorophyll to be identical to that of hemoglobin with one exception. The central atom in chlorophyll is magnesium. The central atom in hemoglobin is iron.

    Because of the strong similarities between hemoglobin and chlorophyll, it has been postulated that chlorophyll would have strong uptake and usability in the body.

    So, there are two scientific reasons why chlorophyll may aid in reducing sugar crashes. First, its strong antimutagenic properties help reverse the mutations that have happened due to impaired glucose metabolism. Secondly, the strong similarities in cell structure between chlorophyll and hemoglobin allow it to be easily absorbed and used in the body.

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