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2017-2018 Flu Season

Fast and Furious – Flu Season is Open

Fast and furious is all I have to say. The flu season is open and is happening in a completely unexpected way. Two weeks ago, about 30% of my clients came in sick. That is not unusual. Usually, a small group of clients come in sick around the same time and then it stops. Two […]

You know the feeling


For years we have heard, “Take a Glucosamine supplement for joint pain.” It was something I would recommend because it seemed relatively safe. The only negative I had come across was that natural production of glucosamine stops and doesn’t start up again until about a month after stopping supplementation. So, when I started taking a […]

39279424 - extreme vomit man

Really???? Now the Stomach Flu??

That’s right…you heard it. Starting last week, I started seeing cases of the stomach flu. It started in the kids and like every other flu that has come by this year, this flu is in it to win it. So, hang on for the vomiting and diarrhea.


A Brand-New Organ

I’m always amazed with Chinese Medicine, and left wondering, “How did they know that?” Over 2,500 years ago, China’s medical profession identified the San Jiao as one of the six yang organs in the body.


World Health Organization Condition Recommendations

From the World Health Organization’s list of conditions recommended for Acupuncture : Acute sinusitis Acute rhinitis Common cold Acute tonsillitis Bronchopulmonary Diseases Acute bronchitis Bronchial asthma Eye Disorders Acute conjuctivitis Cataract (without complications) Myopia Central retinitis Disorders of the Mouth Cavity Toothache Pain after tooth extraction Gingivitis Pharyngitis Orthopedic Disorders Periarthritis humeroscapularis Tennis elbow Sciatica Low […]