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Acupuncture And Kids

“I’ve tried everything, how could acupuncture help?” Parenting is never easy and the stress of trying to find solutions that can assist you and your child can be overwhelming.


Five Element Theory and the Season of Summer

Summer is trying to move into the Northwest. Interspersed between the rains and cold are the bright, beautiful, hot days of summer where the grasses grow and the insect abound. In Chinese medicine, there are many different theories. Five Element Theory is one of the oldest, most improved, and most used theories to diagnosis and […]


What Does RDA Mean & Food Labels

Did you know the RDA or Recommended Daily Allowances were originally created during WWII to investigate issues of nutrition that might affect national defense?


Spring Has Sprung

In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season of the Liver organ. When Spring comes, the Liver organ reaches its zenith. The energy of the Liver coalesces and expands encouraging new growth. Like the green of new shoots, the color that represents Liver is green.


Using Technology to Help Improve Your Food Choices

It is the New Year and some of us are digging through our New Year resolutions and wondering how to fit them in. Some of us figure life is stressful enough without adding to our grief with a resolution.