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Who We Are

At Best Acupuncture, LLC, we are more than just an acupuncture office offering acupuncture. We have made a commitment to you, the customer, to offer comprehensive services which go beyond getting a treatment. Originally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kim has trained and continues to train beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine to understand the “Dao” of […]


Ancestor Worship and Healing the Past

For the last six years I’ve been ruminating over the concept of Ancestor Worship in ancient China. During the Shang dynasty, which ended about 3,000 years ago, we get the first indication of Ancestor Worship. We see glimpses of ancestor worship associated with disease suggesting an ancestor was responsible for the disease. Most of our […]

Acupuncture Facts

15 Interesting Acupuncture Factoids

Here are 15 factoids you may not know about acupunture: Originally, acupuncture needles were not made of stainless steel but of stone, bamboo, and bone. Studies have shown that acupuncture points have significantly more electrical conductivity than areas of skin without acupuncture points. The word acupuncture comes from the Latin acus, “needle” and pungere, “to […]


Acupuncture: Anxiety & Depression

PsychCentral by Nada Ljubinovic “As our broadband speeds up and our phones get smarter, some matters regarding our health get overlooked — especially our mental health. Tablets and smart phones have made it more convenient to be connected, but a large number of people still feel disconnected. Fortunately, the Internet also has allowed people to […]


Automobile Injury and Acupuncture

Automobile injuries can cause long term issues with pain and discomfort. In general, our bones take 7 years to completely regenerate. Compare this to the stomach lining which only takes two days to regenerate. The difference in time to regenerate helps explain why automobile injuries can get worse over time. Injury to bone will show […]