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What is Acupuncture

Automobile Injury and Acupuncture

Automobile injuries can cause long term issues with pain and discomfort. In general, our bones take 7 years to completely regenerate. Compare this to the stomach lining which only takes two days to regenerate. The difference in time to regenerate helps explain why automobile injuries can get worse over time. Injury to bone will show […]

Kids and Acupuncture

Acupuncture And Kids

“I’ve tried everything, how could acupuncture help?” Parenting is never easy and the stress of trying to find solutions that can assist you and your child can be overwhelming.

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Merry Christmas To You

The Santa season is upon us and the weather in the Northwest has finally crawled over freezing! I’m counting my blessings that we are back to a “normal” Northwest winter with temperatures in the low 40’s / high 30’s.


Five Element Theory

In China’s cultural tradition nature played an important role in all aspects of their lives from art to medicine to daily living. Special attributes were assigned to different aspects in nature depicting their essence and defining their essential qualities. Nature was considered a self-generating, complex arrangement of elements that continuously interact with each other and […]


Five Transport Points

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are approximately 360 points which the practitioner learns. Points are identified in a number of different ways. Common identification is with a Chinese name or a combination of the channel and a number for the point on the channel. For those of us in the US, remembering the Channel and […]