• Leading with Compassion

    Sometimes it takes a different perspecitve to help you remember who you are and who you want to be in life.

    Published On: December 22, 20205.9 min read
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  • Judgment says more about the person than the situation

    Your past tends to lurk in the shadows impacting your relationships today. Learn about your lurking shadows from your past and how to change them Even though the past no longer exists, it can play over and over in your head creating problems for you today.

    Published On: November 14, 20206.7 min read
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  • The Afternoon When Quarantine Fatigue Hit and How it’s Challenging Your Identity

    Have you reached it? I have. Early afternoon about two weeks ago, I was sitting in my house looking around. I looked at my husband and said, "I just hit quarantine fatigue."

    Published On: October 23, 20205.7 min read
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  • It’s Time to Double Down on Positivity

    Last night was a crazy night. Did you all feel it? There [...]

    Published On: October 15, 20204.9 min read
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  • A Mid-life Crisis or a Coming of Age Story

    This has been a tough year for me and it’s brought me face to face with many things. It’s brought me face to face with things I thought I was too emotionally stable to experience. I guess, once again, I was too over-confident. Every time I get too big for my breeches or too confident, life takes a twist and flips me on my back.

    Published On: September 19, 20205.4 min read
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