• Judgment says more about the person than the situation

    Your past tends to lurk in the shadows impacting your relationships today. Learn about your lurking shadows from your past and how to change them Even though the past no longer exists, it can play over and over in your head creating problems for you today.

    Published On: November 14, 20206.7 min read
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  • With an Extraordinary Year, It’s Time to Use the 8 Extraordinary Channels

    Life experiences can become overwhelming. Learn how the 8 extraordinary vessels help you deal with being overwhelmed.

    Published On: October 27, 20205.6 min read
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  • October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – the Source of Disease

    How do you find the source of your disease? Can you find the source? Can you change the course of your travels? Find that out and more.

    Published On: October 13, 20205.9 min read
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  • Five Great Reasons Why Water Should Be the Most Popular Person Right Now

    There hasn't been a better time to be a person who has a Kidney constitution than right now. What are these amazing strengths?

    Published On: June 6, 20202.5 min read
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  • Why Fear Should be Your First Focus

    Who knew Chinese Medicine could completely change how you see the world? [...]

    Published On: February 4, 20206.9 min read
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