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Long Beach

A Day At The Beach

Today I want to write about nature. I don’t know what happened. It seems time and life just overwhelmed me. I use to backpack every other weekend in my twenties sleeping in worm tents and filtering water from nearby streams.


A Brand-New Organ

I’m always amazed with Chinese Medicine, and left wondering, “How did they know that?” Over 2,500 years ago, China’s medical profession identified the San Jiao as one of the six yang organs in the body.


Thoughts On The Heart

Valentine’s Day just passed us by when the emotions of the heart turn towards love and the significant people in our lives. For me, the image which most represents Valentine’s Day is the red heart with the arrow through it. Valentine’s Day with the symbol of the red heart and arrow make the month of […]


What A Crazy Winter

What a crazy winter, right? Here in the Northwest, it appears we are not going to have a winter. We’ve had, maybe, two weeks of cold weather. That was two sets of seven consecutive days each of freezing weather. Then, right back to 50 degrees. With such a mild winter, I was expecting a mild […]


Five Element Theory

In China’s cultural tradition nature played an important role in all aspects of their lives from art to medicine to daily living. Special attributes were assigned to different aspects in nature depicting their essence and defining their essential qualities. Nature was considered a self-generating, complex arrangement of elements that continuously interact with each other and […]