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What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an ancient energy healing practice that aids and improves physical and spiritual health. Taoist masters have been practicing the art of Qi Gong to balance health and well-being and stay on the path of destiny for millenniums. Today, lay people, Taoist, teachers, and practitioners use Qi Gong energy in their everyday life. Chinese Medicine practitioners also use the medical and spiritual practice of Qi Gong in the clinic to help unlock or heal through energy.

A New Way for Difficult To Heal Issues

You may be experiencing a difficult-to-heal area that has you scratching your head, wondering why you can’t heal. Your body communicates information in thousands of different ways. You probably realize medicine does not use every way you can communicate with the body. Qi Gong offers an opportunity to speak with yourself differently to promote healing.

An Option to Physical Medicine

And then, not all individuals can use physical medicine like pills and needles. The force of these medicines makes them feel sicker. Qi Gong can be used safely and effectively with any type of medicine. Qi Gong offers a beautiful way to help you heal at a deeper level.

An Effective Treatment for the Emotional Chaos

In the modern world, things have become noisy and uncomfortable. Populations, pandemics, finances, relationships are all pushing on your spiritual, mental, andQi Gong Balance emotional body. These forces unconsciously change how you relate to the world. Energy medicine takes on the subtle forces that create your world. By aiding you in changing your electric energy, you notice subtle improvements that can happen instantaneously or over time.
“Susan had been feeling depressed and angry with life. Her attitude was frustrating because she wasn’t happy and picked on people and things. Susan came in for a Qi Gong session, and within an hour, that heavy dark cloud that had been sitting over her had vanished. She felt like herself again and could address the world and her life from a positive perspective.”
There is so much energy from the world pushing or pulling on you that it can be hard to separate yourself from what is happening around you. Qi Gong can help you find your boundaries again.

Qi Gong and Physical Issues

“Michael had come with severe, debilitating hip pain. His age and frailty had made most medicines too strong for him. In his initial session, using Qi Gong, his pain was reduced from a 9 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10.”
Your body is electrical. Every impulse and action from a heartbeat to a thought happens because of the electricity. These impulses create electrical waves. You can feel the sensation of an electrical wave standing under powerlines. Qi Gong sensitizes the practitioner to feel those waves in something as subtle as the human body and help move those waves.

How this Works with Destiny

Qi Gong Destiny“Julie was facing relationship issues that had become emotionally overwhelming. She felt trapped with no out. Within her session she felt released and free again to live her life.”
Everyone has a life path that will include obstacles from the present and past. Sometimes those obstacles are deeply entrenched in you. Things like familial generational themes, themes you brought into this life, even severe trauma can create obstacles that appear overwhelming and insurmountable. Qi Gong offers a different option to aid in your personal healing. Your life is unique and complicated. Every day you face different experiences and challenges. The experiences and challenges change the energetics of your body and change the trajectory of your life. When suffering long-term stress, that stress will lay on your body like a blanket distorting your energy and creating many physical diseases from stomach upset, to migraines, to body pain. It will start pulling in people with similar distorted energy to your life. Qi Gong offers an option to rebalance your energetics and improve your health and wellness.

How to Start Your Qi Gong Journey

Qi Gong Healings are done through tele-conference or in the clinic and are not covered by insurance. Qi Gong Healings Options To book a remote session click here. Please call the office to schedule an in-person session. A one quart Qi Gong session can be added to your acupuncture appointment.

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