• Croup in Covid – The Barking Cough

    Looking to find answers for the latest Covid symptoms - the barking cough? Here is the union of Western and Chinese Medicine to help you navigate your way through health choices.

    Published On: June 3, 20222.3 min read
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  • UCSD/UCLA Get FDA Approval to Study Chinese Herbs to Treat COVID-19

    UCSD/UCLA get FDA approval to study Chinese Herbs to Treat COVID-19. The [...]

    Published On: September 10, 20213.2 min read
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  • What is Post-Covid Syndrome/Long Haulers & are Some People at Greater Risk?

    What is going on with patients and Post-Covid Syndrome also called Long Haulers?

    Published On: May 30, 20218 min read
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  • My Second COVID 19 Vaccine – the Health Improvements I Experienced

    If you've watched my Youtube episode on my first Moderna shot, I [...]

    Published On: March 30, 20218.1 min read
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  • Thanksgiving – What Do I Have to be Thankful For?

    Thanksgiving, this is my prayer of thanks for my family and for you. Over the last eight months, I've learned about myself, living, and my neighbors.

    Published On: November 23, 20204.3 min read
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