You know, my fascination with food started out with my visit to the ER because my abdominal pain had gotten so severe, I couldn’t wait for the tests from my gastroenterologist. From that point forward, I knew there were going to be many things I was going to have to change in order to bring back my digestive health and food choices were going to be just one aspect of the solution. I had to learn a lot about the negatives in our food industry, and that was depressing.

This blog is going to start talking about the positives in farming because the more time spent trying to address our food industry on their playing field, the more that is lost. The food industry playing field has been the legal system, the government, and regulations which, at times, can feel more like collusion.

For the consumer, the playing field is their dollars. So, welcome to the creativity and ingenuity in our food supply. Knowing these things exist means you can make better food choices for yourself!

Looking for non-GMO corn? Here is an independent seed company delivering a product called Hybrid85 to farmers. The cost of GMO farming is going through the roof and the challenges just 20 years of GMO crops has brought to the industry are staggering. If you’re curious about what these cost might be, check out this video.

Want a web-site that comes at the food industry from a different angle? The might be your answer. Here you’ll find amazing information about the positive steps different people and companies in the industry are taking to help ensure our kids have a sustainable world.

What about Blue Dasher Farms? Jonathan Lundgren was a leading entomologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture until his research showed neonicotinoids harmed butterflies. Now, after filing a whistleblower complaint against the USDA for blocking his research on negative impacts of insecticides, Lundgren is applying his science to regenerative agriculture at Blue Dasher Farm, a new research and demonstration farm in South Dakota. Wow Jonathan! Talk about helping me see that adversity can be your opportunity when you start playing your life.