Get the Secret to Predicting Your Future with the I Ching

I ChingThe I Ching, a heavenly book of divination, has traveled across the sands of time and thousands of years to the present day. It has made this journey because of its deep understanding of life’s energy.

According to the I Ching, every person has a fate and destiny. Yet, each person has the freedom to make their own choices. And it’s this freedom to make choices that can enhance or detract from your life and your world.

When life lessons seem complicated or challenging, consulting the I Ching can advise the present and future. You can use this advice to change behaviors, change directions, or stay the course.

Mary had a situation where she worked very hard for several years trying to bring her business to fruition. Yet, each time she pushed forward, things became more difficult. Finally, out of exasperation, Mary was going to throw in the towel when Mary asked me to consult the I Ching. What she learned was she had made it. Everything was in place, and she just needed to reach out to investors, and things would move forward. She did that and reaped the rewards of her hard work.

The lesson? Sometimes life is hard and all you can do is stay strong.

Tom was starting a new relationship that had its ups and downs. He wasn’t sure it was worth pursuing when he asked for an I Ching consult. Relationships have all sorts of reasons in life. It turned out this relationship had the potential to be a lifelong relationship of trust and support. Yet, both had behaviors that could grate on the other person and destroy the relationship. By gaining insight into these behaviors and why they happened, Tom understood and accommodated and built this beautiful, lifelong friendship to its full potential.

The lesson? Beauty is only skin deep. If you can look beyond the roses or the thorns, you can find your true potential and true destiny.

Any question can be asked. The I Ching shares the potential of a situation and gives you ideas on how to best navigate the situation. Only through a complete understanding of the situation can you get your best destiny.

Colleen had just suffered another breakup and wondered if she was ever going to find a great relationship. She consulted the I Ching and found out the next two years would not be easy. There were relationship life lessons Colleen hadn’t finished learning. If she could learn these lessons, she would find that relationship she wanted in about two years.

The lesson? Your behaviors create your world. To have the world you want, sometimes you have to look inside.I Ching Get Answers

Originally identified as the book of divination, it has become known as the book of ancient wisdom. A wisdom so vast that even today, you can use the I Ching to get advice on what to do and what not to do to get your best outcome and avoid misfortune.

The I Ching is not a divination tool that gives a fortune and no chance to alter fate. The I Ching lets you understand your potential and lets you in on what actions can help you and what steps can harm you.

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