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Let us help you improve your health and your life. Find your perfect balance. Become aware of every improvement you can achieve with our nutrition courses, acupuncture for emotional health, teleconference sessions, medical Qi-Gong, I Ching, and our Classical Chinese medicine knowledge.

  • Embracing Diversity

    LGBTQ pride monthJune is the The Dragon Boat Festival Day. This festival will be celebrated June 11th and 12th on the Willamette in Portland, OR. June is also LGBQT pride month. What wonderful opportunities for everyone to come together and celebrate our diversity.

    You can take this flexibility into your health, also. Take this month to explore different ways to improve your wellness and live an energized life. Every one is unique and sometimes walking around with your Western Medicine disease labels can be limiting and exhausting. So, celebrate your differences this month and explore if there may be different answers to your health!

    Here is a link to get more information on the Dragon Boat Races in Portland this month!



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Fundamentals of Chinese Nutritional Therapy

  • Learn the same skills Chinese medical professionals use.
  • How to combat foods that cause inflammation.
  • How to rebuild your health through food.
  • Quickly address health issues with food.
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About Kim Blaufuss

When I started my career, I had a very narrow idea of what was involved in Chinese Medicine. Later, I discovered that I had the wrong concept of health. My understanding of health was based on my Western background. In Classical Chinese Medical thought, health is something totally different.

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I Ching

I Ching Consultation

Want the secret to predicting your future with the I Ching?

What if you could learn how to navigate the changes to your best advantage?

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Best Acupuncture - Remote Consultation

Virtual Work Session

Don’t live in the area? Private consultations are offered for clients living outside the area through Zoom or Skype.

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Post-COVID Recovery

There are over 200 symptoms you can experience after “recovering” from an episode with COVID. Support therapy for is available and is done through tele-appointments or in-person.

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Auto Accident Acupuncture

When you suffer a motor vehicle accident, everything is disrupted – your car, your body, your day, your life.

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Qi Gong

Qi Gong Healing

Want the secret to how I stay balanced in uncertain times even when the world is falling around me?

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  • Embracing Diversity

    June is the The Dragon Boat Festival Day. This festival [...]

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  • The I Ching: Kan and Li and the Art of Making Elixirs

    What in the world are Kan and Li, and how does that impact elixirs? I had thought about that, too. LOL, o.k. I know you probably haven't thought about that. 

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