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Let us help you improve your health and your life finding your perfect balance. Become aware of every improvement you can achieve with our nutrition courses, remote sessions, I Ching consultation and our Chinese medicine knowledge.

  • It’s the New Year 2022

    It’s the New Year, and the office has taken many upgrades. You’ll see the changes starting now and through the next few months.

    How we go to business is changing. Health is more than your physical symptoms. Health is your mental and emotional attitude. Health is affected by your environment and the energetics of the world around you. Health is limited by what you bring into this world, including your constitution.

    Classical Chinese Medicine allows you to take the time to focus on each area. There are toolsets to help you improve your physical, mental, or emotional health or gain guidance to help you see things from a different perspective. You can get to know what you brought into this world and what you have to work with to make better decisions for yourself.

    Chinese Astrology

    Chinese Astrology

    In addition to acupuncture and herbs, you’ll have the opportunity to capitalize on areas of Classical Chinese Medicine including; Medical Qi Gong, I Ching consultations, and Chinese Nutritional Therapy.

    Tele appointments have been increasing and give you the flexibility to work with us even if you’re not local.

    The website receives 1,000’s of visitors a month. The site is too big for the current hosting environment. The site currently has over 6GB of specialized health information related to Classical Chinese Medicine and Daoism. Over the past month, the website was migrated and transformed to improve performance and expand capabilities.


    The Merch & Swag store is up and running. As the store matures, it will contain:
    1. cool swag,
    2. direct links to health gadgets reviewed on the Youtube channel,
    3. books that can expand your knowledge,
    4. Members Only University training classes.

    The complexity insurance created in the lives of members and providers has necessitated an upgrade to Revenue and Billing cycle management. The office recruited new resources. Over the next few months, you’ll see significant changes to the automation of this cycle and tighter oversight of the process.

    Thanks so much for being part of Best Acupuncture, llc and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the new year!

Upcoming Courses

Fundamentals of Chinese Nutritional Therapy

  • Learn the same skills Chinese medical professionals use.
  • How to combat foods that cause inflammation.
  • How to rebuild your health through food.
  • Quickly address health issues with food.
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About Kim Blaufuss

There was a moment when Kim Blaufuss realized she could have wonderful health, but she couldn’t have it with Western Medicine. To truly live a vibrant life where she could continue to participate, she had to make a decision. Was she going to be an active participant in her own health or a bystander watching life float by and wondering why her life had gone so sideways?

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I Ching Consultation

Have you ever needed more guidance on a decision in your life?

The I Ching offers you the opportunity to take a situation and see it from different sides.

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Best Acupuncture - Remote Consultation

Remote Private  Consultation

Don’t live in the area? Private consultations are offered for clients living outside the area through Zoom or Skype.

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Post-COVID Recovery

There are over 200 symptoms you can experience after “recovering” from an episode with COVID. Support therapy for is available and is done through tele-appointments or in-person.

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Auto Accident Acupuncture

When you suffer a motor vehicle accident, everything is disrupted – your car, your body, your day, your life.

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    It's the New Year, and the office has taken many [...]

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Featured Artist

Susan Berger artist

Please welcome Susan Berger to the office! Susan has been gracious enough to share her artwork throughout the office.

Susan also does commissioned pieces.