Let’s Do Another Give-Away!!!

I want to thank you for all the referrals. This has been a tough time, and I am incredibly grateful for your support. So, here is what I want to do! For July, for new patient referrals, have them mention your name, and I want to give you either one bottle of your favorite formula or one bottle of calcium…your choice! 



An Open Letter

With the continued spread of COVID-19, I recognize that these are unsettling and concerning days. I feel extremely grateful to live in a community that has seen very little activity. Even with our low activity, it is not unusual to feel anxious and stress.

I want to assure you, you are not alone. What has made Best Acupuncture, LLC unique is the fantastic clientele and our ability to rally around each other. You have given me amazing support during this time. I want to share what Best Acupuncture, LLC is doing for you to help support you through this time. 

  1. The office sponsors a Youtube channel – BestAcupuncturellc – that focuses on solutions you can use at home to manage your health. These options are free and demonstrate solutions for a variety of conditions, from anxiety to shoulder pain.
  2. The office is beginning to offer free podcasts for download from the blog section. You will be able to download podcasts to your phone and listen to them anywhere when it’s convenient for you. You can also listen to them from the website. 
  3. To learn about COVID-19 support therapy offered by the office, click here.
  4. It’s essential to keep the office disinfected and clean for you. To that end, I have scheduled 1/2 hour between patients to allow for disinfecting and airing of the rooms. Surfaces are sanitized. All sheets, covers, and needles are single-use disposable equipment disposed of immediately after treatment. I use commercial ozone sanitizing machines after office hours. Previous studies on SARs 1 indicated ozone sanitation effective on the SARs 1 virus @ 20 ppm.
  5. Until further notice, the office is not offering weekend appointments as the office will be closed for deep cleaning. 
  6. The office follows state requirements. The waiting room is closed, you get to have your temperature taken and masks are required.  
  7. Please download and sign the COVID-19 informed consent form. These forms will be available in the office, also.

All these requirements and changes can be overwhelming. I get that because you’ll see I get overwhelmed. But we’re going to do the best we can because we are amazing like that! You guys have been amazing.


Everyone, take care and be safe.

Kim Blaufuss, EAMP, Dipl Ac                                                                                                                                                         Owner, Founder, and President


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