• Knowing How Many Calories Is Your Start

    Have you ever wondered how many calories are enough? It's not uncommon to have a warped perspective on how many calories are enough. From body image consciousness to fitness magazines and the U.S. diet culture, the focus is on how little you can eat instead of what you need to eat.  

    Published On: August 16, 20223.6 min read
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  • Clean Eating: 4 Low-Cost Kitchen Gadgets that Will Save You Time

    You're starting on your new clean eating regime, but you figured out you are a busy person! Here are four small kitchen appliances that can help you save time when preparing meals and focus on clean eating.

    Published On: August 16, 20224.1 min read
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  • Honoring our Veterans and Military Personnel

    July honors the creation of the United States and the many individuals who have fought to protect our freedoms and our families. I am honored to have the opportunity to give back to these courageous individuals by providing quality healthcare to assist our veterans. Thank you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

    Published On: July 4, 20221.5 min read
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  • Embracing Diversity

    June is the The Dragon Boat Festival Day. This festival will be [...]

    Published On: June 6, 20220.7 min read
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  • Eliminate PMS Fatigue and Good Old “Pissed-Off” With These Simple Foods

    Are you one of those people who feel exhausted after their period or edgy before your period? Find out how to use food to fix your PMS and yin deficiency!

    Published On: June 6, 20223.8 min read
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