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 by Dennis Rhodes
I Didn't Believe in Acupuncture until I met Kim

I never believed that Acupuncture really worked but after being in severe pain for 2 1/2 months with no relief from my three other doctors I was ready to try anything. My hands were swollen like grapefruits Kim was so AWESOME and SINCERE in listening to my concerns, and Honest when she said that my arthritis was so severe she wasn't sure she could help me. After the first visit, the swelling on my knuckles went down and I could sleep for the first time in a lot of nights. The second treatment she went even further by adding electric stimulations which made my pain in my hands manageable to return to work. I've seen her 5 times now and feel fantastic compared to how I felt before I came to her office. My rheumatology doctor is hesitant to believe acupuncture helped me but I trust Kim and look forward to my next treatment more than what the drugs the doctor specializing in arthritis wants to give me. I am recommending Dr. Kim B to anyone who is serious about pain relief. Not only has she made me better, I know she is genuine and truly cares about me and all her patients .

 by Becky West
Truly the Best Acupuncture

Kim has a way of aggressively treating the condition you present with. I was having some major leg issues and after her thorough questioning of my overall well-being, she began treatment. I have finally begun to feel relief after visiting numerous practitioners. It is obvious to me that Kim truly cares for her patient and she is not satisfied unless she is getting results. When the condition proves puzzling, she attacks the treatment with a renewed energy. I am on my way to being well.

 by Brian

I was suffering from bursitis in my shoulders. While waiting for a month to be able to see a doctor, the pain got so bad that I could not raise my arms above my head. My friend suggested that I look into acupuncture. I began my search for a local acupuncturist. Luckily for me I contacted Kim. From the first five minutes we met Kim was asking me questions, diagnosing what I have, and formulating treatments. By the third visit, I could raise my arms above my head with minimal pain. Now, three weeks after my first visit, I have my range of motion back in my arms and shoulders. Kim has been very caring and thorough with my treatments. I highly recommend her!

 by Frank
Pain gone and mobility improved

Being a veteran suffering multiple injuries. I was at the end of the line finding help to deal with debilitating pain and emotional trauma. Doctors wanted to stuff me full of pain pills and antidepressants. I found those to be worse than the cure. Sure, pills worked if I wanted to be comatose and unproductive. Dr. Kim has been treating me through acupuncture, herbal remedies, and natural food intake recommendations. Resulting in improved mobility, reduction in pain, and depression non-existent. My only side effect was weight loss. Dr. Kim has demonstrated a level of professionalism and respect not seen by the numerous practitioners I've been through. Dr. Kim, I am extremely grateful. "Thank You!"

 by Erika Parsons

I found Kim one summer when I had undergone a bunch of surgeries. I truly started to believe that Acupuncture was really helpful in my recovery after I met Kim. She is a supportive, compassionate, and a caring person. She is very knowledgeable and full of information on healing and diet. I noticed a difference after one treatment. After each treatment, my body seemed to be stronger than before. After I fully recovered and my body was back in balance my husband & I found out that we were pregnant! I couldn't believe it, it was such a nice surprise as we had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. Kim, I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. You were the only person who believed in me. I would highly recommend her to anyone and will be seeing her when I am in Oregon.

 by Valerie K> Morey
Kim is Awesome

I have a lot of physical problems. Arthritis from neck joint down to my big toe. I have trouble getting help for my pain do to PTSD. I don't deal well with people and don't like to meet new ones. So I finally got up the nerve to check out acupuncture. I met Kim and for some reason felt real comfortable around. So I went back. Sure glad I did because I am still walking without my cane. The stress relief was totally amazing!! I can breath, relax and enjoy getting out without pain again. I will follow this Lady were ever she go's!!!

 by Pam Olson
Patient and Persistent!

I really found a gem when I found Kim. She has always been available to help me work through health issues and has the flexibility and knowledge to offer a variety of different options. Her patience and persistence has allowed me to work at my own pace on my health goals assisting me in taking ownership of my own health. She is someone who you quickly trust. I feel very secure working with her. You always know she cares and has your best interests at the fore-front. I don’t forget my conversations with Kim. It may take me some time to actually practice the suggestions. Yet, when I do, I realize she was right on track. Maybe I’ll start trying them a little bit sooner.

 by William Ly

Thanks Kim for all your help!

I’m self-employed and work at remodeling homes. I was concerned because I was having a lot of accidents on the job, one which was almost fatal. Suddenly, I just seemed to be accident prone and was always cold. Although I wouldn’t say I was exhausted, I was under a lot of stress, and the surgeries due to my accidents were not helping. Everyone I talked to said there was nothing wrong. I can’t believe I found Kim. Working with her for just two months, my thinking cleared up, I stopped having accidents, my stress levels went way down, my energy went way up, and I realized I had been exhausted. I would recommend Kim to anyone who is concerned about improving their health.