Chinese Medicine Shows Food You Eat Improves Your Health

I was in high school when my mother’s breast cancer came back. The second time, there were no Western doctors. Instead, my mother went back to her Asian roots, and one day, both my mother and father packed their bags and flew to Boston to work with Michio Kushi and his school of Macrobiotics.

That was the first time I discovered something other than Western medicine to heal. It had a profound effect on me. My mother moved from HER2, stage three breast cancer, to complete remission through the simple use of food and lived another forty years. It was magic. I wanted to learn the hidden magic of food.

The hidden magic of food would come, but not for a long time. I read books and frequented whole food grocery stores. Nothing made sense. The books lacked the why, and without the why I was never able to eat to improve my health.

And then, when I was ready, the opportunity presented itself.

My acupuncturist told me about the school she went to for Chinese Medicine (Chinese Medicine has five pillars: acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, Qi Gong, Tuina.).

Sometimes, I know with absolute certainty the path I need to follow. That was one of those times. I knew I had to go to that school. I knew I would finally learn the hidden magic of food that had captured my heart as a young girl when food healed my mother of stage three breast cancer.

The education gave me the why. Finally, I understood the difference between Qi, Blood, and Yin or the importance of temperature and flavor. That understanding enabled me to start selecting foods for changes in my health.

I was exhausted. I ate foods to increase energy or Qi. I ate Pork, green peppers, basmati rice which helps improve Qi. When I was feeling sluggish or had brain fog, I chose foods like chicken because it helps remove the fog. I added onions and garlic because they get things moving. I found foods that helped strengthen my stomach.

And then I realized if I knew what foods did, that was the why I had been searching for in my youth. When I learned what foods did in the body, I could mix food for my conditions. It wasn’t like I ate many things. If I looked at my eating habits, thirty foods made up eighty percent of my diet. So, I pulled apart my diet and learned what influence these foods had on my body.

I was feeling cold. Lamb is hot and creates warmth in the body. Add cinnamon or ginger because both of these herbs increase heat in the body. But there is a difference. Ginger has the added benefit of helping with nausea and upset stomach. In Chinese Medicine, they say ginger removes toxins from the body. Michio Kushi prescribed mom a ginger and carrot compress daily on her cancer to help remove the lump from her body.

Feeling in Balance. Balancing energy meditation outdoors. Self-care wellbeing practice

Today, as I get older, I find it’s harder to follow diets, and my health has become more finicky. It’s easy to throw myself out of balance, and I have to gently nudge myself back in balance. Any massive movements that I tolerated in my youth cause more harm than good today. Food is that gentle nudge.

Chinese Medicine taught me the why of foods. Although I needed all the theory and education to find the why, once I had the why, that was all I needed to start using Chinese Dietetics in my everyday life.

To learn more about Chinese Dietetics, check out my Youtube playlist, “Chinese Medicine, How to Eat For Your Health.” Or, you can contact the office to schedule time to work with me and understand how you can modify your current eating habits to support your health, call 360-841-7558.

When You Become Part of the Social Dilemma, How to Clear Your Mind

I was going to write about when Daoism became a religion, but then I got mired down in all the actions and desires of every individual that moved forward to add a religious bent to what had been a life philosophy, and I started realizing, they too, were facing a social dilemma. 

When You Become Part of the Social Dilemma, How to Clear Your Mind

And here is the thing, Daoism could not have developed a religious bent at any other time. One of the basic tenets of Daoism is time and place. And the time and place that enabled individuals to create a religion didn’t exist in an earlier period. 

Today feels like another time and place is happening, creating change. That change is pushing unpredictability into your life at an alarming rate. 

Why the Social Dilemma?

Take a minute to think about all the change that is happening at this minute. The Boomer Generation that has held power for the last 30-40 years is moving past retirement and slipping away. The rise of the delta variant and the abnormal heat waves crossing the United States place stressors worldwide. The incredible consolidation of wealth into the 1%.

And what this means, no one knows.

This unpredictability creates fear – a surprisingly unlikeable emotion, especially when you feel powerless. 

With the heat rolling across the United States, it was like the last straw. People’s pressure valves had hit maximum capacity, and they were lashing out. Social media took a sudden turn for the worse, and the social dilemma exploded again into people’s lives. Friends turned into disrupters, and hostility shattered into virtual communities. Friends were turning on friends again. 

I was scrolling past the hostility when I stumbled across one post from an old friend who was now an old acquaintance who had turned into a disrupter as a part-time hobby. I was getting ready to unfriend her when I paused.

The Most Predictable Path Isn’t the Path of Least Resistance

There is beauty in the Five Element Theory from ancient China. If you need a high level outline of Five Element theory, check out, “101 On Five Element Theory.” The theory can outline the most predictable paths of actions taken by individuals when under stress. 

When fear creates feelings of powerlessness and lack of safety, the most immediate response is to protect yourself. Even though there are many different ways to protect yourself, the United States tends to be highly individualistic, and the loud ones on social media tend to use the wood or liver element.

The liver channel/wood element is considered the General in Chinese Medicine. And you’ve watched The History Channel. The General has the responsibility to lead troops in and through battle. When you read the posts, you can hear the call to action to create mob pressure. What is a little bit different from your friends posting disruptive posts and the true disrupters, your friends usually don’t want to be a leader. They just want to be heard and supported. 

Now, two things about the liver/wood element. Out of balance, it is filled with anger, rage, frustration, confusion. In balance, this channel shows kindness and fairness. You don’t get to be in harmony all the time because this is life. Right now, life is messy. To get some ideas on how to get back in balance, check out, “Simple Meditation Techniques to Find the Rhythm of Meditation.”

So, with a messy life, you get to be out of balance more than you want. The anger, fear, frustration is easily expressed through tearing down the world around you. That is usually not your primary goal. But, it does happen. Then people turn against you, and that aggravation you’ve been feeling inside now exists outside too!

Not everybody likes feeling crappy and hostile all the time. So, what can you do to not firebomb the community around you?

When Social Distancing is Good Thing

Well, first off, people are practicing social distancing. Even though that feels like a bad thing. It can also be a good thing. 

My husband and I went to Home Depot to get some things for maintenance around the house. The Covid vaccinations allowed everything to open up, and people had been pouring onto the streets and into stores. 

Home Depot was crowded. 

People were racing around the store, bumping into one another, grabbing things. There was this frenzy going on to consume. I was overwhelmed by the energy of the place, and started picking up on the need to consume and purchase right now. The longer I stayed in the store, the greater the pressure. I started zooming around, searching for unmet wants.

I didn’t like how I was feeling. I didn’t like the pressure. Suddenly I stopped and told my husband I would meet him outside. Stepping outside the store was like someone pulling a blanket off of me. The pressure, the frenzy to consume lifted, and I felt my relaxed peace returning.

We are human. We react and respond to others knowingly or unknowingly. When you feel the pressure building inside of you, disengage. Pull away and find space between you and others. Give yourself a timeout and time to think. 

Baby Boomers Need Exercise!

All this energy needs an outlet. So, exercise. And if you’re a boomer or Gen X’er, you know you need to exercise. You’re doctor has probably been telling you to go for a walk for the last few years. Get up and go for a walk or wander over to all that home exercise equipment turning into a dust jungle in your house and turn it on. 

People live highly sedentary lives today. And that ignores the fact that you are human and are constantly creating energy inside your body. Watch the energy of a two-year-old. Who in their right mind would tell a two-year-old to sit still and don’t move. You want them running around and blowing off all that excess energy because if you don’t, you’re in for the screaming tantrum.

Even though your boomer or Generation X’er energy has reduced from when you were two years old, your social intellect has dramatically increased. A two-year-old with a tantrum is damaging to a few. A boomer with a tantrum is destructive to themselves and many around them. And even though it might not seem like it, you’re bringing that destruction into your home life, too.

So, get up and find another outlet for all the stress, fear, frustration, and unpredictability that is weighing on you.

Good Vibes are Free – Overcome Your Social Dilemma

After you work out, find a quiet space for yourself and repeat the prayer of St. Francis to yourself. Each time you say this prayer, concentrate more on each word you are saying. Say the prayer more than once. Each time you repeat the prayer, your focus on the prayer will get sharper. 

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Try saying this prayer daily. If you want more thoughts on how to meditate, check out my Youtube channel at BestAcupuncturellc and the Playlist, “Meditation, Nature and the Esoteric side of Chinese Medicine.

Principles of Non-Action in the Social Dilemma

And lastly, for those of you who are on the receiving end of a General gone bad, don’t react, don’t respond, find you’re way through water. Water has the unique ability not to react. Watch water run downhill. Instead of taking on the rock, it splits and goes around the rock, continuing on its journey. Want more information on the dynamics of the water element expressed in people? Check out, “Five Great Reasons Why Water Should Be the Most Popular Person Right Now.”

I have grown a bee-friendly garden. The excess heat has reduced the flower crops and put stress on water. The bees are under so much pressure that my presence near their flowers was agitating them. Usually, I can walk all around bees and wasps, almost touching them, with no problems. 

I heard the warning hum as they lifted off the flowers, and I stopped. I got really quiet and didn’t move. When they calmed down, I backed away. 

One way to not react is to become quiet and back away. But there are many ways to not react. Let’s be honest, most of the hostility is political and consumed in personal attacks with no solutions. They want a fight. Instead of taking that excess energy out on a treadmill, for some reason, they think taking it out on friends is a more effective solution.

I have a friend who sits opposite of me on some political issues. Not all political issues, just a very few. But those very few were enough for this friend to identify a division. And they started picking up their rhetoric, getting more pointed. One day she made a statement that was purely inflammatory to bait me. Here’s the thing, in general, I agreed with her statement just not the personalization of it. So, I agreed with her.

The General likes a fight. They come prepared for war. You can almost feel their energetics as they push up against this imaginary wall between the two of you. By agreeing, there was no imaginary wall, and she tumbled into space to find the void. The confusion radiated off her, and without a reaction, she no longer had a war. She just stopped.

And I get it. You’re saying, “Well, who needs that friend?” That is why I was reaching to unfriend my post-baiting friend on social media. Then I stopped. As a nation, we had just spent the last two years unfriending friends who had different views from ours, and it hasn’t changed the conversation. 

Try something three times, and if it doesn’t work, try something else.

This is a Time and Place

This is a time and place that is going to create something new. It’s messy and you won’t get to be in balance all the time. From a Daoist perspective, how we work through this overwhelming upheaval of society will lay the groundwork for the future. 

I am going to try to find my future through balance. 

This time, when I see my friends hurting and posting their fears on social media in an attempt to be heard, I’m going to try and give them room to do that. Compassion…the prayer of St. Francis. Maybe, when I’m knee-deep in my sh#!, they will be able to find the heart to give me room.

If you think you might want to find your way through your balance, subscribe and follow, and maybe we can find a way through this together. 

What is Post-Covid Syndrome/Long Haulers & are Some People at Greater Risk?

Updated June 18, 2021 with latest research study out of the U.K., “Brain imaging before and after COVID-19 in UK Biobank.”

What is going on with patients and Post-Covid Syndrome also called Long Haulers? I remember getting that horrible flu in February 2020. At that time, there was no testing or any ability to identify if the flu was Covid. Months later, it logically seems like it was Covid.  


After my husband and I had recovered from the flu, we both had lingering symptoms. We just never made it back to our pre-flu health. My husband would get “allergies” a lot. We had to stay on top of them to make sure the allergies didn’t sink into his lungs. I was feeling fatigued, had allergies, was experiencing progressing joint pain. Our sleep was crap.

Well, then I got the Covid vaccine and got so much better. The really big things went away. To read more about my experience, check out my blog, “My Second COVID 19 Vaccine – the Health Improvements I Experienced.” 

But, how many people besides my husband and I got that flu and felt like they never made it back to their pre-flu health?


I was on a call with a doctor out of China last week. The discussion was post-Covid syndrome. Post-Covid syndrome is where the patient still experiences weird symptoms after getting over the infection. It is also called long haulers syndrome. The current research shows that 80%-87% of all infected patients experience post-Covid syndrome to some degree.

Here in the United States, the figures are lower at 33%.

I’m not sure why there are such large differences in numbers. The big difference between the U.S. and other countries is the mRNA vaccines. The U.S. has the largest roll-out of the mRNA vaccine. Other countries are struggling to roll-out a vaccine or are using less effective vaccines.

There are probably other reasons for the large difference in numbers. In the United States, we tend to be a sick society. I think most of us would probably faint if we experienced excellent health. We tend to blow things off especially when it comes to our health. Could that be part of the reduced number of long-haulers?


I had been getting some post-Covid syndrome patients. Not a lot of them. Western Medicine was hesitant to prescribed meds for these patients. I thought that was weird because Western Medicine prescribes medications for everything. Later in this article, I’ll highlight why Western Medicine may be hesitant at prescribing drugs. 

It’s not easy to treat. Every one of them is different, which makes treating this a bit scary. It takes some time, a lot more time than most people want to spend. But, probably 80% of them are getting better with Chinese Medicine, which is better than the 0% with Western Medicine.

Either way, the infection rate in the U.S. has dropped from over 200,000 new infections in January to about 20,000. So, 1/10th of the January 2021 infections. The death rate is 1/3rd of what it was at the beginning of the year. Everyone is feeling cozy and comfy, including me, even though these rates are still pretty high.

I had written Covid-19 off and was moving on. I pretty much didn’t think I’d see much more of that nonsense. And what a nightmare of nonsense it’s been.   

And then last week happened, and people started showing up in the office with weird symptoms. Most of them were unvaccinated. One was vaccinated. Not that being unvaccinated is a problem. I’m sharing what I see…antidotal information. I’ve only had one vaccinated client in the clinic with crazy symptoms, and they had a very mild case of Covid followed by a severe, rapidly progressing post-Covid syndrome.

I have a high vaccinated client percentage. About 75% of my clients are vaccinated. Not one of them has shown up with weird symptoms to treat. Pre-vaccination, most of them had that February 2020 flu and were coming in for fatigue, allergies, and stuff. Post vaccine, many of them I haven’t seen. 

That is why I think the vaccine, especially the Moderna vaccine, might positively impact long haulers or post-Covid syndrome. 


Using inhaler

Now here is the thing with post-Covid syndrome. It doesn’t have to happen right away. It’s not unusual that it waits for months to show up. In the meeting with the doctors from China, they suggested eight months. It could take as long as eight months. I have one client who had mild Covid and had been fine for months. Seven months later, they started experiencing heart issues, wheezing, shortness of breath.


Remember the movie Awakenings with Robin Williams playing the doctor who used the drug L-Dopa to revive the patients. Here is what captured my attention with the movie, the patients were survivors of the 1918 encephalitis lethargica which may be the post-viral syndrome of the 1918 flu. It appeared right after the first wave of the flu. Encephalitis lethargica was a new type of encephalitis that had not been seen before and disappeared around 1926. It attacks the brain, leaving some people in a statue-like condition, speechless and motionless.

Some studies have tried to explore the origins of encephalitis lethargica as an autoimmune response to influenza. Science has found a link between the flu and regular encephalitis. Since encephalitis can be a post-viral symptom of the flu, it seems reasonable Encephalitis lethargica could also be a post-viral syndrome to a new flu strain.

If encephalitis lethargica was a post-viral syndrome, its aftermath was damaging.  

“Many surviving patients of the 1915–1926 pandemic seemed to make a complete recovery and return to their normal lives. However, most survivors subsequently developed neurological or psychiatric disorders, often after years or decades of seemingly perfect health. Post-encephalitic syndromes varied widely: sometimes they proceeded rapidly, leading to profound disability or death; sometimes very slowly; sometimes they progressed to a certain point and then stayed at this point for years or decades; and sometimes, following their initial onslaught, they remitted and disappeared.”

Oliver Sacks, Awakenings

Post Covid Syndrome/Long Haulers

Felix Stern was a German neurologist who examined the encephalitis lethargica patients during the 1920s. He documented that encephalitis lethargica became worse with time. The early symptoms would be either sleepiness or being wide awake. Later, the disease would progress to a prolonged, involuntary upward deviation of the eyes. The third phase started with a recovery, later followed by Parkinson-like symptoms.

The U.K. just published a pre-print of a study of brain scans before and after COVID-19. The study has not gone through peer review. The study found a consistent reduction in the grey matter of the brain which the study states could have long-term implications for individuals.

By using automated, objective and quantitative methods, we were able to uncover a consistent spatial pattern of loss of grey matter in limbic brain regions forming an olfactory and gustatory network. Whether these abnormal changes are the hallmark of the spread of the disease (or the virus itself) in the brain, which may prefigure a future vulnerability of the limbic system, including memory, for these patients, remains to be investigated.”



There is a pre-print study of over 3,700 patients who were sick for more than four weeks. The results were published at the end of December 2020, updated in April 2021 and are waiting for peer review. The study identified over 205 symptoms patients experience post-Covid. 


Post-Covid Syndrome is a “post-viral syndrome.” A post-viral syndrome is where a person experiences symptoms long after the original viral infection has gone.

I didn’t know post-viral syndromes are fairly common with viruses. Not only did we experience a post-viral syndrome with the Flu of 1918, but we can also experience it today with recovery from strep throat turning into rheumatic fever. Or fatigue and other symptoms after Epstein-Barr, Zika, West Nile, Dengue, and other viruses.

The post-viral syndrome is not studied in Western Medicine. That means it is not well understood. With this Post-Covid Syndrome, the Western medical labs and tests are coming back normal. No issues. But, the person is sick. And when the doctors do try to prescribe medications, the medications don’t work. Sometimes it appears the drugs encourage whatever this is. If the virus produced post-viral syndrome due to damage in the brain, many medications are known to harm brain function.


The bottom line is this is all information. We don’t know anything right now. All we have is history and supposition. What we do know is post-Covid syndrome is real. Post-Covid syndrome is a type of post-viral syndrome and post-viral syndromes are not studied in Western Medicine. It’s not unusual for the patient to come back with clean labs. Everything can seem normal for a long-time, and then it shows up. In the clinic, I’m noticing that Chinese herbs can help. It’s a little bit tricky to treat because, just like in Western Medicine, where nothing shows up on the labs, in Chinese Medicine, you have to think beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine and really go into your theory on cold pathogens. If you don’t, you’ll usually treat the wrong thing, and they won’t get better. 

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How does COVID-19 affect the brain? A troubling picture emerges.

Daoist Thoughts on If the Big Bang Theory Is Wrong

You know, it’s always bothered me…the big bang theory. Because I practice Chinese Medicine and Daoism, it has been my Daoist thoughts on Big Bang Theory that have bothered me. Suddenly, out of nothingness, there was this massive explosion, and everything came to be.

The explosion was not the first part that bothered me. The part that was bugging me is the ever-expanding Universe. The Universe isn’t retracting or receding, ever. It has always been expanding. From its inception, it has only grown. That is what has bothered me.

Why would this bother me? Well, because of the rules of Yin/Yang theory. The founding principle of Yin/Yang theory is you have to have both yin and yang for life to exist. The theory has yin as expanding and yang as contracting. Yin tends to soften and become more pliable. Yang tends to harden and become more material.

Some real-life examples of how both yin and yang are needed would be breathing. Breathing is a yin and yang exercise where the exhale is more yin, and the inhale is more yang. In order to survive, you need both. The minute you have one without the other, you’re dead. So, without both inhalation and exhalation, life does not exist.

Another one is the sun and the moon. The daylight is more yang allowing plants to gain nutrition and grow. The moonlight is more yin allowing plants to rest and release the excess heat of the day. Without the two, the earth would either heat up and burn up or cool down and turn into a frozen rock. You need the two for life to exist.

That is the part of the big bang theory that has been bothering me. Right now, it appears there aren’t two: expanding and contracting. Instead, there is only one: expanding.

That has had me burning out some brain cells thinking and meditating about this. A couple of things finally came to me. Let’s talk a little more about Daoism and the theory.

Everything comes from the Dao. And Dao is perfect nothingness. I can’t even fathom that because I can’t fathom the concept of nothingness. Even in my limited ability to think, when I think of nothingness, nothingness has boundaries. I can’t fathom stepping into the absolute vacuum-sealed solitude of nothingness and that it is boundless. At a minimum, my tiny brain always has boundaries around nothingness.

The Dao is one, and out of the one, two is created. And with the two, you have life. The two are yin and yang, the polar opposites that allow life to flourish like your breath and like day and night. I have an episode on Yin on Yang theory on my Youtube channel called: The Power of Yin & Yang, Pt. 1 – the Creation of Life. It goes into this in more detail.

Both the expansion of yin and the contraction of yang are necessary to have life according to Yin/Yang theory. That is what has bothered me about the Universe. It has only been expanding. Since the Big Bang, the Universe has only been expanding.

Everything I’ve learned about the Big Bang theory is that it was a great explosion. It was this huge explosion that came from nothingness. Everything was created from that explosion. It’s the terminology, explosion. An explosion is a violent tearing apart or blowing something apart. An explosion is a yin event. It is an expansion.

That would mean, from the start, the Universe has only been a Yin event. If everything has been a yin event, then life could not exist. Yet, in Yin/Yang theory, each expansion must be paired with a contraction if you want life.

That made me think about the Dao, nothingness, and space.

The Big Bang had to be the contraction. Instead of an explosion outward, it was a huge, enormous, massive contraction inwards. It wasn’t created in violence. It was created in silence. Like a colossal breath inwards, all of the nothingness was pulled inwards with intention, and that contraction made nothingness so small, it suddenly appeared. It was almost like a blip on the radar. One minute it isn’t there, and the next minute it is.

If the Big Bang was a contraction, that made the expanding nature of the Universe more plausible.

If everything is about balance in Daoism, maybe nothingness is balance. Or maybe nothingness is like the absolute farthest reach of yin, like a day hitting its darkest point at midnight, and after midnight yang begins to grow. Or maybe, the Big Bang is like yang reaching its farthest point during the day, at noon, and begins to release its hold on the earth, and yin begins to grow inside the daylight.

But for now, the Universe is moving with Yin energetics. The more something expands, the more space comes between particles. From chemistry, you can start to fathom how small things can be. At some point and time, can things expand enough to become nothingness once again? That seems like the only logical ending of constant expansion…nothingness.

At the end of that expansion, will there be another massive contraction as the Universe recreates itself in a never-ending cycle of yin and yang?

How to Fix Chronic Back Pain and How You Relate to the World

The thing I like about Chinese Medicine is it can help you reconnect with yourself. And if you’re on the path of personal self-realization, it can help you find your way there. It does that through the Ancient theory of Chinese Medicine and the hidden meaning surrounding the channels and organs. In this article, you’ll find the spiritual essence to fix chronic back pain.

When it comes to chronic back pain, it all starts with one of the twelve channels or meridians in Chinese Medicine. The bladder channel is the longest channel in Chinese Medicine. It starts at the eye and travels upwards over the head, down the back of the neck, down the back, down the back of the legs, along the outside side of the ankle, all the way to the little toe.

Fix Chronic Back Pain

This is the bladder channel. This channel isn’t a line that splits your body in half. No, the channel has two separate channels, one on each side of the spine and then straight down the legs. So, the channel is not in the bone, but in the muscle that supports the bone. The muscle that allows the bones to move, the muscle that keeps us moving forward. That muscle.

You know, a long time ago, I learned how to test to see if back pain was in the muscles or in the bone. Most of the time, like 95% of the time, the pain was in the muscles. If the patient could relax the muscles, the pain would go away.

So, you spend time with the acupuncturist, the masseuse, the chiropractor, the physical therapist. All of this to get relief from back pain, but it would always come back. And, you would go to your Western doctor, and the doctor would say something like, “Yes, you’re getting older, that happens.” Most of the time, you never think to question any of this.

Well, this got me thinking because in Chinese Medicine, they say the only way you can release disease is by letting go of the energetic bond you have to the dis-ease. And in Chinese Medicine, they believe everything is a clue to your life puzzle.

And for chronic back pain, the clue is the bladder channel. This is the channel that travels along the sides of the spine and down the center of the legs to end at the little toe of the foot.

The bladder channel is the first line of defense from the outside world. Weakness in this channel can be the reason for catching colds, or experiencing allergies. The bladder channel is full of that magical essence called Wei Qi which protects the body from things that could harm it. To learn about ways to build up your Wei Qi check out my Youtube Playlist, “Simple Techniquest to Keep Your Immune System Strong.”

There are some great episodes like “Five Foods You can use to Help Combat the Flu,” or “How to Beat the Allergy Season with These Five Supplements.” Every episode in the playlist builds Wei Qi.

But if it isn’t something as physical as pollen or viruses, how can you identify the energetic things the bladder channel helps safeguard? I think one of the best examples could be stress.

Think about what you think when under stress. First, stress is commonly about your interactions with others. Somebody does something that you feel is threatening or impacting you in an unfavorable way.

Let’s say something happens at work that puts your job in jeopardy. You might think the stress is the fear of not providing for yourself or your family. That is part of the stress and to learn more about that aspect of stress, the episode on, “ Liver Qi Stagnation & Foods that Help,” may help. But, the cause of the stress was whatever happened at work. Whatever happened at work is what you will spend time thinking about correcting, mitigating, avoiding, accepting… That original interaction started with another person where you had a knee-jerk response.

This knee-jerk response is the bladder channel protecting you from external influences. Only this time, it is not pollen or mold. It’s protecting your self-worth, self-identity, yourself from a perceived threat. As you get older, and usually anything past 5 or 6, you’re already practicing this response to a situation, the reaction has become so familiar that you no longer even think about it. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to a situation. It’s that initial response that is wrapped up in a lot emotion. It’s that response that you would like to change. It’s that response or that situation you would like support from a friend, a spouse, or a professional.

And when you’re in that zone, that knee-jerk reaction zone, it’s great to identify what the emotion is that you are feeling whether its fear, the need to defend yourself, being at fault, not feeling good enough, whatever it is. Those feelings lock you into a pattern of responses, and it’s those feelings that define how you defend yourself from the world. And that is the bladder channel. Or, that is what the bladder channel supports, your defense against the outside world.

Training takes years

As the years go by, you’ve been able to practice your reaction so much that the response becomes more rigid, more inflexible. Especially when the response becomes a knee-jerk reaction, it is pretty rigid, right? A knee-jerk reaction is what an athlete is striving for. Instead of thinking about your action, your body just automatically moves without your conscious thought. But, to get to that point took years of training and practice. So much practice that even in a little situation that’s a little unique, the body still responds precisely and instantaneously.

The training that delivers instantaneous action is considered skill and talent in the physical body of an athlete. But, in an individual’s energetic and emotional body, it is viewed as a sign of clumsiness, inexperience, ignorance, and even incompetence.

Now, over time, what you practice in your energetic channel will manifest on the physical body. Even though one of the roles of the bladder channel is to eliminate waste, when you have too much waste, the channel starts to get littered with it, and slowly the litter wins. The rigidness reacting to situations and the inability to see a position in a different light will begin to litter the bladder channel and bring that type of rigidness to the neck and back muscles.

And stress has a role in the neck and shoulders. Yet, if you dig into your stress, and target what set this whole thing in motion, you may find your knee-jerk response to the world instead.

And that energetic response, which hasn’t changed, is why the tightness comes back into the back muscles after getting a great acupuncture treatment or great massage or great whatever. It comes back because you are still doing everything you needed to do to create it in the first place.

So, what can you do about this because you are trying to address your energetic body. Energy medicine like acupuncture, herbal therapy, reiki, pranic healing, gurus, etc address this level. But let’s say that is not what you want to do. You want to do some work on your own. Well then, the best medicine I’ve found is the forgiveness meditation from Grandmaster Choa Kuk Sui. You can find the meditation on the internet. Grandmaster Choa Kuk Sui has many practitioners. So, you will find different people who will show you how to complete this meditation. It only takes a few minutes, and to get the best results do it every day. It took practice to get here. It will take practice to leave here.

Good-luck on your most amazing adventure. And if you want to look at how to address the physical symptoms of pain, check out the episode, “Honest Review 3 Great Supplements that Really Work on Back Pain