Front Office Administrative and Insurance Master Responsiblities

Here is the nitty gritty, step by step list of what you own.


Check messages each morning and follow-up on calls
Answer phone and respond to patient requests

Fax Machine:

Review fax messages daily. Check through-out day. Save communication to patient’s electronic data file with proper name including date of communication.


Enter new clients into Practice Mate
Schedule patient appointments in electronic software. Electronically check-in patient creating electronic billing. Complete CPT and ICD 10 codes based on information from Acupuncturists. Add in any non-insurance charges.
Print new patient forms, missed appointment policy, and malpractice insurance forms for new patients. Give forms to new patient to fill-out. Review completed forms to ensure the missed appointment form has been signed and dated and the both sides of the malpractice form has been signed and dated.
Take co-payments, appointment payments, supplement payments from patients thru cash, check, or credit card and apply them to electronic bill.
Tie out cash payments: print out “Payment/Deposits Detail Report” for day. Tie out cash and credit card payments. Deliver cash and report to Kim Blaufuss at end of day.
Verify insurance – document verification on electronic Insurance Verification form and store document in patients electronic file. Review insurance verification with Acupuncturists.
Validate status of insurance referrals or appointment count with each visit. Notify acupuncturists of status of appointments, if a new referral needs to requested.
Submit referrals to Regence based on feedback from acupuncturists.
Follow-up with high probability patients, cancels, reschedules, and get them rescheduled.
Communicate with patient including Acupuncturists prescriptions.
Reconcile patient account ledgers.


Apply insurance payments to electronic bills in Practice Mate. File paper copy of EOB in patients physical file.
Follow-up and resolve Insurance missing payments, short payments, denials. Aggressive pursue denials and slow pays.
Correct billing errors.
Timely filing of insurance forms through electronic submission. Filed within 24-48 hours.
Track all claims that have issues in a separate electronic document. Keep detailed and dated track of status and resolution. Review document with manager weekly.
Weekly print of aging report and give to Acupuncturists on Friday morning.
Monthly printing of outstanding patient bills and prepare for mailing.
Add up checks for deposit and place in envelope with total. Give envelope and checks and cash to Kim Blaufuss.
File necessary paperwork with insurance companies i.e. for panels, for reviews, for renewals. Follow-up in a timely and consistent manner.


Take inventory monthly of supplements and document changes. Review changes with Kim Blaufuss. Update electronic database.
Prepare orders for vendors. Goal is to insure order makes free shipping. Review with Kim Blaufuss.
Unpack orders when they arrive and place them in alphabetically order according to pinyin name.
After each client, wipe down table with bleach. Put new paper on table.
Fold and put away towels.
Keep front office organized.
Wash dishes in sink.
Make calls as requested.
Sweep or vacuum office as needed. A cleaning person comes once a week. But, there are times when the office needs more attention than that.
Other administrative tasks as requested.


Run and file daily receipts report.
Run weekly receipts and client count reports.
Run monthly financial reports.
Other reporting as required.
Reconcile patient account ledger