“I’ve tried everything, how could acupuncture help?” Parenting is never easy and the stress of trying to find solutions that can assist you and your child can be overwhelming.
Today, parents face a myriad of behavioral and physical issues such as: bed wetting, poor or failing grades, avoidance, anger and defiance, sullen/distant behavior, divorce/adoptive issues, or medically diagnosed issues such as: ADDA, ADHD, addictions, depression, and weight control.

For some of these such as bed wetting, acupuncture may be the only effective solution. For others, the combination of acupuncture with professions such as counseling, nutrition, western medicine, chiropractor, hypnotherapy, biofield therapies has been shown to have more profound health benefits (Duke Integrative Medicine Center) than a single therapy.
For the parent, acupuncture sees health as the whole person: Body, Mind, Spirit, and can conveniently fit into a program for youth and teens. As an approach, acupuncture works from the inside out. A natural alternative, acupuncture provides a safe and transformational environment without harmful side effects. When the body moves well, the mind can easily follow. Because there is rarely a “one-size” fits all profession, acupuncture coupled with your current program may give your program the push it needs to get over the top.

My goal is very simple – Help YOU help your child.

Call to see if acupuncture is a viable option for your child.

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