Thanks to you, 2015 has been a banner year for Best Acupuncture. This has allowed me to make significant investments in capital and build a better patient experience and practice.

I have broaden my offering of “Electro stem Acupuncture”. Electro stem acupuncture uses millicurrent devices with needles to enhance the effects of needling. Through extensive research, I was able to find further medical grade devices backed by published studies in PubMed. The equipment enables finer delivery detail. This expanded detail enables a quicker healing response time and allows the practitioner to address protracted, chronic, and difficult to treat issues. The new equipment has been great for fibromyalgia suffers, digestive issue suffers, and any suffers of chronic pain.

I added infra-red saunas to my practice. PubMed has numerous studies on the use of infrared saunas in health. The studies cover a broad spectrum including the ability to prevent certain diseases from occurring to improving cardiovascular health in cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, I expanded the practitioners in the office. The first new practitioner is Heather Jones, an amazing massage therapist specializing in therapeutic massage.

Best Acupuncture continues to offer a full-spectrum of Chinese Medical Therapy, and now, more! Thank-you, and I look forward to seeing you in 2016!