Beliefs are such a powerful thing. We base our whole lives on beliefs. These beliefs support the identity we have created for ourselves. The importance of maintaining our beliefs comes down to the importance of maintaining our identity. What we strive for in life, how we handle each individual situation in our lives, how we view the world is all based on our beliefs about ourselves or our identity. It’s amazing, but the one thing I started to realize when my own identity began to be challenged through QiGong was that my identity was critical to validating that I existed in this world and had value. What a terrible thing to threaten. What would we do to maintain the identity we’ve created for ourselves? Who would we be without it?


Doors to our past
Looking through the doors at Chaco Canyon

QiGong was my introduction to my own personnel beliefs. Unbidden and unprovoked, the meditative practice of QiGong would move at its own pace to allow the student to open the doors to their past and remember how the past shaped the future. I was able to see different aspects of my life and come to new beliefs, creating new patterns of behavior that, over time, allowed me to begin to disconnect from past and future, and to reconnect with the present.

I guess that may be the goal of any student/believer/follower/adherent. Maybe the goal is to find a personal peace that allows us to live in this world with more acceptance and compassion.

Whatever the goal, I think I may have been a little reckless when I first started practicing QiGong. If I would have known that QiGong had the ability to empower me to actually see the patterns and beliefs that created my world, I probably would not have been so careless in picking up a QiGong practice. I don’t really know anyone who wants to see themselves clearly and understand that actions and reactions used throughout life may be based on a fabrication. A fabrication of beliefs acquired through decades of trying to fulfill different needs whether it be needs of acceptance, love, success, food, clothing, etc.

In the end, I’m still an incredibly imperfect person except that I have much less stress in my life and significantly less drama. This blog is my attempt to share some of the revelations that I have had through QiGong. I hope you enjoy these posts and are able to gain something positive for yourself through them.

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