Halfway to Heaven and Earth, a roadmap to inner peace using the trinity and self-cultivation in Chinese Medicine

Not a day passes me by where I don’t think about my life, my spirituality and how to find greater inner peace. Each time I attain a new level of awakening and understanding I think to myself, “Ah, I’m here, I’ve finally made it.” As I sit and rest and look around, I find I’ve only removed part of my blindfold. Being able to see more clearly, I see new opportunities and new clarities. 

I can stop if I want. So, as you go on your journey to your own inner peace, remember you can stop at any time. Each step forward brings a more beautiful environment than the previous one. Stopping in a more beautiful place seems o.k. to do. 

What is the trinity of heaven-body-earth in Chinese Medicine? The trinity of heaven-body-earth is a Taoism principle and gives guidance on how to interact with the world. It is a roadmap to the city of inner peace. You don’t have to try and figure out how to get to inner peace or what it means. Instead, you can look at the roadmap, determine where you stand on the map and where to make your adjustments in your journey

I focus on the emotional and spiritual aspect of our lives in my practice…how to get to that inner buddha. So, I’m going to talk about a very narrow aspect of this trinity as it relates to our internal chatter and internal emotional environment. And I’m going to share with you some checks you can use on yourself to start identifying more informed choices for yourself.

In Chinese Medicine, the trinity helps define three realms of being a spiritual human. Heaven is your relationship to your identity, the body is your interaction with the world, and earth is your physical body. The three realms mark your existence and are not separate from each other. They are intertwined and happen simultaneously.   

Heaven is your identity or the inherent qualities of mind and character. The qualities change through interaction with other people, especially through your childhood interactions. 

To get more information on how Chinese Medicine sees this check out my Youtube video “Forgetting What We Were Taught” or “Using Chinese Medicine to Feel Normal Again” or my blog “Changing your life isn’t as mysterious as it sounds.”

 The body is your interaction with the world. Your choices to interact in one way or another. 

Earth is how your decisions impact your body.

In Chinese Medicine, there is always a yin and yang. You want to be at the point of balance between the two polar opposites. Let’s look at the point of balance for each of the three realms.

For heaven, balance is compassion. You can change your character with compassion. Without compassion, your personal faults are unforgivable. With compassion, anger and greed don’t take over. 

For the body, balance is wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to choose a course of action with the best positive impact. With wisdom, grudges don’t rule your activities. 

For earth, the point of balance is reason. Reason is the ability to use your mind to think and understand rationally what is happening. To see the situation clearly without resentments. 

Each of these three realms happens simultaneously and without any effort on your part. I was at dinner the other night and in a conversation when I noticed my internal dialogue was going off the charts. I realized it happens all the time. I was just quiet enough to hear it that time. 

But, we usually are not quiet. So, how can you become more aware of how your realms are doing? Ask yourself some simple questions.

  1. Heaven asks the question, “Is there any anger? How do I feel when people go against me?”
  2. The body asks, “Am I content? Do I show favoritism?”
  3. Earth asks, “How was my conduct and can I change something?”

Finding inner peace is about getting to know yourself in ways you haven’t previously discovered. It is a road that you must walk on your own. You will find guideposts to help you choose your direction. Guideposts are any resource you use to help you navigate through your journey. They can be gurus, practitioners, books, videos, conferences. Guideposts help your journey go faster because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. 

At any time, you can sit down and say, “I’m o.k. with here.”

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Mandate of Heaven

Wow, what an exciting time. Who would have guessed I would be living in the exact right location to view a total solar eclipse crossing the United States. Although solar eclipses are not a global rarity with total solar eclipses happening approximately every year, location is the rarity. The last time the US was able to see a solar eclipse was in 1979 and before that 1918.

The eclipse was predicted to hit the ocean city of Lincoln City, Oregon around 10:09 and hit its zenith in Vancouver, WA around 10:19 with the total eclipse in Vancouver, WA culminating around 11:38 am. Living in a suburb of Vancouver, WA and not working today, I was able to be outside for the whole event.

Prior to the start of the eclipse, the Pacific Northwest was experiencing one of the brightest days in weeks due to the forest fires and rains. The birds were unusually loud and boisterous in the trees.

Then,at exactly 10:01 am, the brightness of the sun took a noticeable reduction. It was almost as if a hazing had crossed in front of the sun similar to days of heavy smoke from forest fires. The sun lost its crystal clearness and emitted a dull orange color. The birds suddenly stopped their chatter. Everything except the noise of human habitation stopped. One of my cats started howling to be let outside and a dog down the street started barking.

From 10:01 to 10:19 the brightness of the sun would step down. It wasn’t a gradual waning of brightness. It was a literal step down like walking down stairs. Around 10:13 the street lights came on and the dog continued to bark. At 10:19, right on cue, the eclipse had reached it’s zenith in the Pacific Northwest and was starting on its travel across the states.

Shortly after, the sun starting stepping up its brightness leaving behind the hazy, dull orange glow. The dog stopped barking and the cat climbed on the couch and went to sleep.

Amazing. This event, of course, brought up thoughts of the Mandate of Heaven a philosophical doctrine that was active in ancient China. Ancient China was ruled by Kings and then Emperors. Unlike a democracy, the people could not participate in government.

Starting with the overthrow of the Shang dynasty by the Zhou dynasty around 1046 B.C., the Mandate of Heaven was used as as justification for the morally correct transfer of power from one ruling clan to another.

Under this view, heaven and man had a close connection and heaven had influence over two things. First, heaven was able to grant or take away a ruler’s position. Second, heaven had constant oversight of the actions of government. Due to heaven’s participation in these two items, it would deliver either unfortunate or fortunate natural events to identify if the clan rule was moral or amoral.

Natural disasters or unusual natural events were warnings from heaven that the current ruling clan had lost morality and was at risk. The portends were early warning signs to help the ruling clan change their ways.

What made events in nature more significant than visions or other personal tales was that events in nature were witnessed by many making them difficult to argue. Floods and other natural disasters were easy to identify inauspicious events due to the harm caused the people. Unusual natural events provoked fear and were also viewed as unfortunate event.

A solar eclipse, due to the rarity of actually seeing one, was considered an inauspicious event.

Without the Mandate of Heaven, the existing rule was at risk of being overthrown. A new clan could legitimately overthrow the existing rule. Now, exactly what was considered oppressive or morally correct was a complicated philosophical discussion. All sides could look at the events and argue the Mandate of Heaven was on their side.

Towards the middle of the Han dynasty about 1 AD, centuries of use of the Mandate of Heaven allowed the politically shrewd and skillful politician to use the concept to their own advantage referring to the Mandate of Heaven to justify all their legal and illegal actions.

By the end of the Han dynasty, the Mandate of Heaven had lost its original meaning to identify moral versus amoral rulers and justify transfer of rule. Around 220 AD, the Han dynasty fell to the Three Kingdoms and China fell into a dark ages that lasted almost 1,000 years.

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Victorious! Your Game Plan to Beat the Flu

We are just finishing with winter. At Best Acupuncture LLC, the highly acclaimed Chinese Medical facility in Woodland, WA, now is the perfect time to talk about “Wei Qi”. I’m going to share with you why you want to strengthen your Wei Qi and how we can work together to help build your Wei Qi before next winter.
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