Cupping: Ancient Medicine, Modern Times

Michael Phelps was the first exposure to cupping for many Americans. The purple, circular spots that appeared on his body brought forth a slew of questions.

Although Michael Phelps used cupping for sports recovery, cupping addresses many different remedies. Cupping can eliminate a cold, clear the lungs, reduce pain, strengthen the immune system, and improve digestive function and much more.

Cupping uses small cups that are most commonly made out of polycarbonate, glass, or bamboo. These cups are applied to the body through the use of a vacuum suction. The most common methods of creating a vacuum is with a small device that applies the polycarbonate cups or fire to apply the glass and bamboo cups.

After application of the cups, they are allowed to rest and then removed.

Cups are most commonly used in the US to release muscles. Cupping can get in much deeper than most massage, and for really tight muscles, cups might be the only thing that gives relief. Although the cups can be a bit painful the first couple times, the muscles will be much more pliable by the third treatment and then it is seventh heaven.

One symptom that I like to use with cupping is digestive issues. Needling, eating right, stretching, and supplements sometimes just doesn’t make a difference. Cupping can actually help remove the bloating, tightness, and discomfort from the abdominal area and improve your digestive function. The sensation is subtle and over time becomes more pronounced.

Through the end of the year, Best Acupuncture is offering a 30 minute abdominal cupping season to help you survive the holiday feasts.

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