The world has been waiting for reporting on the Novel Coronavirus with information that describes what we are facing. Jama has published a couple of reviews of patient records in Wuhan and Beijing. The Wuhan study covers what has been learned in 138 cases and has made the first pass at answering some questions. The link to the study and other information is at the bottom of the post.

The highlights are that the virus is virulent. Some people with the virus may be super-spreaders. Why a person may become a super-spreader is unknown.

Of those hospitalized in this study, around 30% ended up in ICU, and currently 4% mortality. Mortality is older persons who have other health issues such as diabetes and other chronic diseases that are common in first world countries.

Of those hospitalized, about 30% were able to leave the hospital as recovered. The others remain hospitalized. A long hospitalization time.

The time of infection to hospitalization is five days.

Although this research has a 75% male population, later research does not show a male preference. The research and information also indicate that the virus does not show an age preference.

There is still a lot to learn and a lot of outstanding questions. The source still eludes identification. How long the virus survives in the environment without a host needs to be determined. The mode of transmission needs to be understood. Does a person have to touch something and then touch their membranes? Right now, it is not clear. Will seasonal temperature changes put the virus in a dormant state like the flu virus? Is this virus going to be like a flu virus recurring each year, or is it going to be something that has an opportunity to be contained like SARs and Merv. Will those infected and who recover hold a higher immunity level to this virus and its mutations?

Here is the link to the Jama study on the 138 Wuhan cases.

Here is the link to my Youtube channel and another doctor who was reviewing information as it came out.