I’ve been sharing a little bit about Karma. My efforts focus on individual Karma. Yet, there are other types of Karma, including group Karma. There is a phenomenon that can happen with group Karma. A negative bloom can suddenly appear, which creates a tremendous amount of bad Karma for society.

Of course, reading that caught my attention, and I paused. There wasn’t any information on why the harmful bloom would appear. Just that sometimes, in a society, a toxic bloom can consume the population.  

I just put a vlog out on my Youtube channel on the first law of Karma, “Understanding The Laws of Karma – the First Step to Finding Your True Self.”

The first law is the Great Law and is the law of cause and effect. It is focused on the individual and Karma and not on group Karma.

I’ve been meditating on this for the past week. In all of Chinese Medicine, and Daoism, a rule exists that what is above is below. The rule means the same general principles guide the macrocosm and the microcosm. So, focusing on why negative Karma happens in an individual’s life, should help me better understand why a negative bloom would suddenly occur in a society.

The first thing I realized is that nothing suddenly happens. 

Flowers don’t suddenly bloom. They take the winter to rest, spring to wake up, and summer to consume the nutrients they need to flower. All your effort and their effort suddenly culminates, and one day you go outside, and your roses have bloomed. But it doesn’t stop there. You want to encourage their growth and immediately set about pruning and fertilizing to ensure you get more blooms. 

Or a bucket filling up with rainwater on uneven ground. The bucket doesn’t suddenly tip over. Rain has to accumulate in the bucket until enough rain has accumulated to unbalance the bucket. The event of tipping over seems sudden. It only takes a split second. To get to that point of tipping over required water to fill the bucket until it reached that point of unbalance.

In Chinese Medicine, that change is the taiji symbol of yin and yang. Yin and yang demonstrate the movement of energy in the body, in the world, and in the universe. 

In the body, the goal is to keep the energetics of yin and yang in balance. When the two get out of balance, the body and mind become disturbed, and disease can develop.  

But what happens when things get out of balance? How do you get them back in balance? In Episode 5 of the Immune Boost series “Learn Chinese Medicine Techniques to Protect from the Flu” I give more in-depth examples of this concept of getting out of balance and getting back in balance.

All of this brought me to the realization that nothing suddenly happens. It takes a focused, committed effort to attain any goal. To ace your history test takes study and determination. To get the job you always wanted takes research, determination, experience, and people. To build a better mousetrap takes research, determination, willingness to fail, creativity, experience, and people.

The roses blooming, the bucket tipping over, yin turning to yang is sudden and dramatic. But it didn’t happen overnight. It took focus, commitment, and effort. 

The second thing I begin to realize is it would take the same concerted effort to change the course. In my episode, “Understanding The Laws of Karma – the First Step to Finding Your True Self ,” one of the most annoying things that happen as you age is decades of ignoring your health come back to haunt you. To change your health now takes a real concerted effort, patience, and compassion. You can’t come in with a pressure washer like you could when you were younger. You have to come with a garden hose and sometimes just a bucket and a sponge. 

It’s the same thing with these negative karma blooms that happen in a society. The society didn’t just get here overnight, and to come back out of a negative bloom will take the same focused effort in reverse. Unfortunately, it looks like we get the bucket and sponge approach. But think about it. It always starts with one person; one person with a bucket and a sponge to clean-up a stadium after a game. That one person changes to two, then 100, a thousand, and then bloom and what was to be a daunting and unachievable task of one person cleaning up the stadium suddenly becomes doable and thriving in a matter of hours. 

That’s what I mean when I say the office is a “No Karma Zone.” Sure, there is a lot of negativity out there that appears overwhelming and hopeless. It isn’t. When you come into the office, here is where you can call “Sanctuary!” Like they did in medieval Europe, the office is where you can find Sanctuary, hope, and realize your dreams. 

What I love is it is happening. I was scheduling with one of my clients the other day and suggested we wait longer between appointments. They looked around smiling and then back at me, “You know, I just love coming in here. I feel so good when I’m here.” Another one of my clients gave me the greatest blessing. We were chatting when tears suddenly formed and they shared with me that something they had wanted and thought was no longer possible was possible. 


Your opportunity to find protection and hope so you can realize your dreams. With more hope and fulfillment, you’ll pick up the bucket and sponge with me and pay it forward.