You know what I like about blogging? What I like is I can write about anything I want to write about, and I don’t have to worry about anyone telling me I can’t do it or I have to write about what they want me to write about.

Over the last two years, I’ve gone through a lot of changes. It seems like everything is finally coming to fruition in my personal emotional health. Gads, what do I mean by that?

I guess what I mean by that is that we all go through ups and downs in life. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be human. I mean, we can’t change the fact that we are human with a physical body. And that physical body has needs and wants. Your body needs things like air and water and food. You want things like running water, flushing toilettes, and a good job.

And we can’t change the fact that life happens. We lose loved ones, change jobs, fall in and out of love, wreck a car, forget to pick up the groceries, leave our wallet on the table…life just happens.

So, what do we do when life happens? Our most common response to stress is the response we learned as a child. I just put a video out on my Youtube channel: Forgetting What We Were Taught .

I really like this video because it really kind of hits home on what the great change was in me.

You know, I have been going through change my whole life. I’ve probably done more research, participated with more gurus, religions, philosophies than anyone I know. I learned 3 things through all my experiences.

  1. Whatever I was doing, I always found there was a spiritual side to it and the tenets had similarities across a wide range of beliefs and practices.
  2. I found there was a very human side to whatever I was participating in. What I loved about the human side was the acknowledgement that part of us is a physical body. The physical body has these needs and wants because the body wants to live. And these needs and wants can take us off track as we struggle to live.
  3. And lastly, there was always some aspect of finding our direction or our destiny. There was always a question of, “How do I fit in”?

What I’ve come to recognize is; if whatever you are doing isn’t addressing each of these 3 aspects, you won’t be content. You’ll feel like you are missing something and will continue to search.

It was probably about 7 years ago that I started working in clinic to break our emotional habits. I was amazed that Chinese Medicine could do that. So were my clients. Yet, that one step started a quest within me for more information.

As I started studying more of Classical Chinese Medicine, I started to believe that more was achievable with the medicine. Already the medicine believed the whole being was part of the picture of disease. The spirit, the emotions, the thought processes, the physical body. Classical Chinese Medicine already had this amazing outline of the person when addressing disease. To get more info check out my Youtube videos:

  1. Understanding Chinese Medicine and Disease 
  2. Five Lights of Illumination from Ancient Chinese Medical Texts

 And then it finally started to come together. Transcendence…to go beyond our ordinary limitations. I couldn’t believe it. Chinese Medicine knew how to break our destructive thought patterns and had known how to do it for a very long time. They saw it as “changing your destiny”.

I had to try it. It worked. It did exactly what I wanted it to do. It helped me break some of these old repetitive behaviors or thought processes that would get trigger whenever I thought I saw a familiar event from an uncomfortable past.

I started offering it in clinic. It worked. That super painful, annoying internal chatter that was driving you nuts (figuratively driving you nuts) could be changed.

That is what I mean when I say everything is starting to come together with my emotional health. Unfortunately, what I’ve found is this change doesn’t mean I’m perfect. The change has opened a doorway to new and, maybe, more exciting change opportunities. I would never have seen these new opportunities if I hadn’t gone through this transcendental work in Chinese Medicine. And I’m curious on how these new opportunities will turn out.

I just started reading Wang Fengyi’s “Discourse on Transforming Inner Nature” and part of Epictetus “Enchiridion”. Enchiridion was a little dark for me but had some interesting concepts that I wanted to think about. Epictetus was a Roman slave philosopher later freed. So, his perspective on life can be a bit dreary. But Wang Fengyi is amazing.

I look forward to sharing thoughts on these writings with you in the future.