You’re starting on your new clean eating regime, but you figured out you are a busy person! Time is a commodity. You want your health, but there are many claims on your time. That might encourage you to grab something quick, easy, and delivered through a drive-thru. But don’t do it!

That was one of my first challenges when I decided to clean up my diet…time. I love cooking and baking and find it relaxing – if I have time. Yet, I rarely have time, and I needed to eat better. 

Kitchen Appliances Save Time

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You might be facing the same challenges I was facing. My health was impacted because of my food choices. I had fatigue, bloating, gas, irregular bowel movements, abdominal pain, acid reflux, intermittent high blood pressure, weight gain, irritability when hungry, inability to sleep, joint and muscle pain… 

Does any of that sound familar?

I was already tired, the thought of having to plan and spend two hours making every evening meal, every day of the week, was not a reasonable solution. 

That is where kitchen appliances come to the rescue. 

Here are four small kitchen appliances that can help save time when preparing meals and keep focus on clean eating. These four kitchen appliances made my life simpler by doing most of the job without me! These 4 gadgets ensure that I can eat whole and unprocessed foods, even when I don’t have time.

Let’s break it up between old-tech and new-tech.

Most of you have a blender and a slow cooker in your cabinets. Sure, there are newer and sexier kitchen appliances but don’t write this old-tech off. They are easier to use and even easier to purchase inexpensively. So, if learning a new, sexier appliance sounds like too much effort, then a blender or a slow cooker can remove that stress.

SmoothieI use my blender to make a variety of smoothies – my get out of the house quick go-to breakfast. These smoothies are my dine and dash recipes that keep me in nutritious meals and on my way. 

I use slow cookers for many things. My favorite use of my slow cooker is making chicken broth. The chicken broth I can use for days afterward as a quick pick-me-up or as a base for grains and other meals. 

Last night, I used my slow cooker to cook wheat berries for the week. Wheat berries can be used in salads, as a morning cereal, or as a side dish. I used the last jar of my homemade chicken broth as a base for the berries. Now I have a nutritious meal in my refrigerator waiting for me to scoop it out. 

Old-tech is amazing, easy to find, and usually inexpensive. But, it’s not sexy, right? Well, here are a couple of newer kitchen gadgets that I’ve found have made it into my “Dine and Dash” meal prep routine. 

Who hasn’t fallen in love with their instapot? The first time I used it, I was amazed. I figured out how to make adobe chicken in 20 minutes! I remember my mother making adobe chicken. It was eight hours of slow simmering over the stove. I love adobe chicken, but I can’t do that unless I’m willing to give up a Saturday or a Sunday. I’m not willing to do that.

The instapot was so efficient, I was able to make a variety of dishes I love in a fraction of the time. 

The last kitchen gadget I’ve grown fond of is the air fryer. I had a number of clients recommend the air fryer to me. I just couldn’t see that I would like an air fryer. 

My prior experience with an air fryer was with air-popped popcorn. I really dislike air-popped popcorn. So, I hemmed and hawed over an air fryer for almost a year. 

Yet, many of my clients talked about their love of their new air fryer. I finally broke down and got one for myself. 

I bought an air fryer because they all talked about making food that would be deep-fried traditionally. My clients spoke about how crispy and delicious it was in an air fryer with a fraction of the oil. Instead of sinking your food into a vat of boiling oil, you just sprayed a thin coat on the food and cook it. 

You might not save time on the time to cook, but you’ll save a lot of time on clean-up. You won’t have to monitor your food as it cooks, either. The timer will turn the air fryer off when it’s done. 

Here are the best four kitchen appliances that save time with healthy eating and create variety in your meal prep. 

  1. Blender
  2. Slow-cooker
  3. Instapot
  4. Air Fryer