The Santa season is upon us and the weather in the Northwest has finally crawled over freezing! I’m counting my blessings that we are back to a “normal” Northwest winter with temperatures in the low 40’s / high 30’s.

I was able to get down to Portland today and stop at the Red Robe Tea House and pick-up a couple ounces of their house tea. They have wonderful teas, and I had the good-luck of trying their house tea when my husband and I were waiting for the train to take us to Arizona. It’s a lychee dark twig tea and has a wonderfully light and floral fragrance that carries through to the tea.

This year has seen a lot of time spent on the house and the office. Most of you know this has been the first year for the Woodland location and getting the office up and running has been a lot of time and effort. My husband and I have also been redoing a 1930’s cottage style house which has turned into a little more work than we expected.

Yet, we’ve been diligent about reverting it back to the style of its time with current upgrades. In fact, we just installed our first smart device in the home which is light switch sensors. Yup, it use to be that we were just too lazy to get off the couch and change the t.v. channel. Now, we are even too lazy to lift our arm to turn on and off the lights…..(its pretty cool ? ).

I hope this season is finding you all in good health and full of good cheer with family and love everywhere!

Ridgefield Nazarene Church is having its singing Christmas Tree tonight at 6:30 PM. We’re going to try and get there. If you have time, stop by and listen to the program.