Are you one of those people who feel exhausted after their period. Do you feel edgy before your period? Here is a nutritious meal that can help fix your PMS. It’s time to start using food to repair your health. Chinese Nutritional therapy gives you the best solution. Instead of figuring out what you can’t eat and always saying “no” to yourself, start figuring out what you can eat and say “yes” to yourself. Just that simple change from “no” to “yes” can have a huge impact on your psyche and open up the world instead of shutting it down.

When it comes to your time of the month, Chinese Medicine identifies the exhaustion as “blood deficiency.” All that means is your blood doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs to take care of everything in the body. That makes you exhausted. The edginess is a liver sign, and it is called Liver Qi Stagnation. Want more information on Liver Qi Stagnation, check out my episode, “Finding Balance: Liver Qi Stagnation & Foods that Help (EP 4)

To help you through this time, you’ll want to consume foods that will help build up your blood and yin and relax the liver. Well, I’ve got the perfect meal for you – EGG SALAD! And if you want an in-depth discussion on yin deficiency, check out this episode on “Yin Deficiency, What it is and How to Improve It.

Some of you are dairy conscious. This meal won’t work for you, and I haven’t figured out substitutions that could work with it. If you have an idea on substitutions, give a shout-out and share your thoughts.


Nourish Yin6 Hard-boiled Eggs
2 tbsp chives
1 tsp lemon balm
3 Scallions
2 Stalks of celery
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 tsp mustard
1/4 cp mayonaise

I boiled my eggs on medium high for 7 minutes. A couple of the larger eggs were still sticky in the yolk. I probably could have gone another minute. Then I let them sit in cold water for 15 minutes.

Peel and chop the eggs and put them in a bowl. I placed the rest of the ingredients on top and mixed them together.

Easy-peasy egg salad.


You know that edginess you experience during your period? Liver qi stagnation. So, grab things that move qi. The three herbs in this meal: chives, scallions, and lemon balm, aggressively move the qi and support the liver.

Celery supports the kidneys. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys support and nourish the liver channel which means celery helps support the liver. Celery is cool and full of water and helps support yin.

Eggs, the main ingredient, are really great for nourishing yin. Eggs will be in the mayonnaise along with oils. Depending on what type of mayonnaise you use, the oil can help nourish yin. Want more information on foods that can nourish yin? Check out this episode, “Food Talk, Foods to Nourish Yin.


I grow many of my herbs. Lemon balm is a weed. Weeds are the first to show up in areas that are being repaired by nature. So, you’ll find this week along sides of the road, fences, and places like that. If you decide to grow it, grow it in a pot as it likes to take off. You’ll see how lemon balm leaves look in the picture. That sprig is lemon balm.

Chives come back year after year and are aggressive growers that stay in a clump. Chives seem to stay where you planted them becoming bigger each year.

The eggs came from a local farmer with pasture-raised chickens. The chickens are over two years old. So, the eggs are almost 2x the size of large store-bought eggs. What I heard is eggs get larger as the chickens get older. Most commercial farms don’t let the laying hens live much after a year. I feel pretty blessed to be able to eat these eggs from a local grower practicing sustainable farming.


Eat this the week before your period starts to help keep you even and energized. Eating during your period is o.k. It is just a little late. And eating after your period is over defeats the purpose of calming your liver.

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