• The Healing Essence of Taoism in Chinese Medicine

    This is HAPPENING TODAY JANUARY 24TH! How exciting! Join me as a [...]

    Published On: January 20, 20230.5 min read
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  • Why does Chinese Medicine Work When Nothing Else Does

    How Chinese Medicine can change your mental and emotional health changing your world and your outlook. Improve your relationships and your work life.

    Published On: July 30, 20192 min read
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  • Victorious! Your Game Plan to Beat the Flu

    We are just finishing with winter. At Best Acupuncture LLC, the highly [...]

    Published On: March 9, 20177.3 min read
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  • Company YOU Inc. !!

    I’ve been asked many times whether I prefer Chinese Medicine or Western [...]

    Published On: August 3, 20163.3 min read
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