• The Science Behind 3 Powerful Supplements You Can Take to Quickly Stop Joint Pain

    Here are three powerful supplements that help eliminate joint pain without side effects. All of the supplements surprised me at their effectiveness. Two of them completely eliminated my symptoms, and one of them substantially reduced the symptoms.

    Published On: May 25, 20204.8 min read
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  • Find Out What Foods Chinese Medicine Says to Eat Weekly to Restore Your Gut Health

    I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for recipes I [...]

    Published On: May 25, 20204.4 min read
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  • When a High LDL Count Doesn’t Mean You Have High Cholesterol

    By all traditional counts, I have high cholesterol and have always had [...]

    Published On: May 15, 20206.8 min read
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    For years we have heard, “Take a Glucosamine supplement for joint pain.” [...]

    Published On: October 3, 20175.1 min read
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  • Tips for Surviving Holiday Eating Without Guilt and Weight Gain

    Yes it’s almost time to start thinking about the holidays again: shopping [...]

    Published On: December 5, 20112.9 min read
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