Taking Back Your Power! How To Start Letting Go and Moving On from the Past

Sometimes it isn’t easy to try and figure out what is going on your head. What may have started out as a tiny seed has taken root and blossomed. It has grown and grown. Suddenly you’re living in an overgrown shame forest. And you have to make a choice. You can live there, stuck in the past, or hack your way out.

Most of you are fighters. I’m a fighter. But, you can’t just “one, two” sucker punch your internal turmoil. You actually have to treat yourself like a partner. You have to treat yourself like you want to be treated. You have to reparent yourself.

If you can look at your emotional health as things that happen to you that cause a change in your mental health, you start to think positive things can happen to you that will change your emotions. Look at a car accident for an example. You may be surprised to think that even the smallest car accident has a component of shock and psychological trauma. The accident changes how you interact with the world, emotionally or physically. If you’ve ever been in a car accident, afterward, were you nervous when driving or uncomfortable when driving? Did you change your driving behavior after having a car accident? That is an example of how things happen to us that can impact our emotional health. The other side of this is when positive things happen to you that cause changes to your mental health. Being recognized for all the effort you put into producing a report or testing a new software system comes to mind.

Life happens and has happened and is impacting the way you think and feel about yourself. And life is chaotic. Billions of people vie for attention every day. And this chaos creates negative self-talk inside your head. 

You can find yourself in a crowd of your friends and still feel alone and hopelessly disconnected from everything that seems to be good and meaningful in your life. You may feel like you are on the outside looking in. What if you stop looking forward to things.

In Taoism, it is about disentangling yourself from the chaos. To disconnect from the chaos, you have to get to know yourself. Every entanglement is an expression of the forest of your inner dialogue. The problem is the forest can be so deep, sometimes you can’t even find the path. So, how do you find yourself? How do you take one step forward?

Take some time to use and explore this great worksheet to start pulling apart what is driving your mental attitude. You don’t just have to use the worksheet one time. Maybe more than one thing is bugging you. Use as many worksheets as you need. There are no limits or right answers. 

The goal is to see your emotions through your physical symptoms. There can be so many emotions, they all crash in on each other. It is easier to identify the physical symptoms.  

Take some time to identify the key physical symptoms that are disrupting your life. A symptom may happen as one symptom such as a stomach ache. Or the symptoms may come in a cluster such as sweating, dry mouth, and noticing your heartbeat.

When you start shining a light on your inner world, there is so much feedback, and it is hard to get a clear answer when filling out the worksheet. It doesn’t matter, because clarity comes with time just as tending a garden begins with time. So, take your time, and you’ll start to enjoy the walk. 

After you’ve spent some time with this exercise, try this exercise for another exercise on remembering who you are.

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