Distraction needed a lot of energy to keep going and needed someone to help protect the person from too much pain. And so Distraction went door to door asking for help.

No one could help until Distraction finally found a very kind gentleman sitting idly by an open gate. “Will you help me to protect my person from all this pain” and Distraction showed the gentleman the mountain of pain that was moving forward to collapse on the person. The gentleman’s kindness and nature of wanting to protect were stirred, and he jumped up from the place where he sat and said, “Definitely, I will help you defend the person from this mountain of pain and sorrow.”

And off they went.

Distraction and the kind gentleman worked together to push back the mountain of sorrow. But the mountain kept coming, and the gentleman began to tire. He was feeling exhausted and frustrated the mountain wouldn’t stop. Distraction ran around, finding more and more things to put in the path of the mountain. And the gentleman began to get angry. “Why won’t this mountain stop,” he demanded. “I’ve been blocking the mountain for months, and still, the mountain keeps coming.”

The gentleman started to feel like a failure. “I must not be very strong,” he thought to himself as the mountain pushed forward. He became red in the face with anger and started shouting at Distraction, “Put more dirt there, you idiot! I need more dirt there!”

And the gentleman changed. He was no longer the easy-going kind gentleman Distraction found sitting by the gate. The gentleman was now the angry, judgmental gentleman who people didn’t like being around.

One day, the person Distraction and the gentleman were protecting said, “It’s o.k. Distraction and kind sir, you can let the mountain come. I am ready to experience it now.”

Distraction was so tired and went home and went to sleep. The kind gentleman breathed a sigh of relief and let go of the mountain. Free to wander again, the gentleman went back to sit by the gate and watch the fields sway in the wind becoming the kind gentleman once again.