A strongly split Urine and Salvia PH with a high alkaline urine and an acidic PH in the salvia/stomach responded to calcium lactate. But, the salvia/stomach PH went down to 5.8 and, after stopping the calcium lactate, hasn’t come back up. What would be the next best step?

In a situation like this, the best thing to do is stop taking the calcium lactate and talk to your practitioner. But why is that happening in my body? Did I or the practitioner do something wrong. The short answer is neither of you did anything wrong. You did everything right. You just learned something about your body. To better understand what you learned, we can look at Chinese Medicine.

When I compare RBTI to Chinese Medicine, I find that acidic states cause what TCM terms “heat”. In the stomach, heat can be seen as acid indigestion, stomach upset, pain in the abdomen, or a bitter taste in the mouth. Overtime, heat can also block the transport of energy leading to nausea, vomiting, difficulty sleeping or restless sleep, etc.

Heat usually doesn’t arise on its own. Instead, it usually comes from impairment in Qi flow or impairment in Yin. Qi is the energy of the body; whereas, yin is the body fluids. Qi is much easier to correct than yin. So, when a patient shows a resistance to treatment, it may be a yin deficiency condition where the fluids of the stomach have been more seriously impaired.

When the yin of the stomach has been damaged, the person may feel a dull or slightly burning sensation in the diaphragm, little appetite, dry mouth and throat, increasing sensation of dryness in the afternoon or evening, a feeling of fullness after eating. When something happens to increase the yin deficiency, the person may get the adjoining symptoms of heat listed above.

The more alkaline numbers appear to be more associated with a yin deficient condition. In the bladder, yin conditions can have sensations of heaviness in the lower abdomen, frequent urination, scanty urination, stopping mid-stream, etc. If the yin condition starts combining with dampness or phlegm, the urine may become cloudy. The sensation of heaviness or fullness in the lower abdomen becomes more pronounced, the urine becomes frequent and scanty or difficult.

So, both a high and low PH number can be associated with a yin deficiency. The low PH number shows increasing damage to the internal environment by adding heat to the equation.

Calcium lactate is an acidic mineral which appears to add only heat. In Chinese medicine we’ll use a number of herbs that can either add heat or nourish the yin. RBTI adds a number of different minerals to nourish the yin of the body.

Yet, it’s always easy to go a little too far in one direction especially with calcium lactate or calcium hydroxide.

Upon taking calcium lactate, the stomach numbers went down. Upon stopping, the numbers did not come back up. This shows that your constitutional weakness is more in the stomach. The stomach is more damaged than other parts of your body. The lactate caused too much heat in the stomach. In Chinese Medicine, we would say too much dryness. Dryness causes heat.

So, to help bring your numbers back up, back off the lactate, add in nourishing, cooling foods like cooked barely, mung beans… But, be careful, you can do the exact same thing to your stomach in the opposite direction by eating too much of these foods and making your stomach cold. You can also play with the calcium hydroxide as it will add in more bicarbonate allowing the buffering system to eliminate the acids…same thing as eating cooling foods. You have to be careful with that too as you can throw your bladder into a strong alkaline situation.

The best thing to do is to work with your practitioner and go back when you have questions about your body chemistry. I know it may appear costly at first. Yet, lack of guidance in an area where you may not have enough knowledge can be much more costly. And it’s really hard for practitioners to focus on an end result if there are too many cooks in the kitchen. One of the key benefits of alternative medicine is you get to create an in depth, personal relationship with your practitioner. They know you, and you know them. That doesn’t happen too often anymore.

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