Treatment Tidbits


HOT, HOT Summer Days and Strange Skin Rashes

Oh my goodness, talk about crazy heat in the Northwest. We don’t do over 80 degrees! What is going on with 100+ degree temperatures? I thought we lived in a rainforest, not a desert. The dry temperatures are bringing with … read more

About Acupuncture

Company You

Company YOU Inc. !!

I’ve been asked many times whether I prefer Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine. As a Chinese Medical Provider, you would think the answer would be obvious and it is. As you might guess, I prefer neither. read more

Office News

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Welcome Hannah

Please welcome Hannah Reynolds to Best Acupuncture Wellness Center! Hannah manages all the front office processes and has been working diligently to get the office caught up and on track with the insurance billing processes. Hannah has also been verifying … read more



Thoughts On The Heart

Valentine’s Day just passed us by when the emotions of the heart turn towards love and the significant people in our lives. For me, the image which most represents Valentine’s Day is the red heart with the arrow through it. … read more


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Types of Qigong

From a personal prespective, this has been a very uncomfortable year for me. Like everyone else, I have been too busy to take care of myself. I guess I’ll never learn…I’ll never learn that you are never too busy to … read more