Covid-19 Research and Masks

COVID-19! Finally Some Good News!!

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This has been a depressing year, but it looks like we might be turning the corner. 

Thank goodness for science because we have scientists worldwide who have been working night and day to learn about this virus and help us reduce and contain the virus. And thank you to all our medical professionals. They have reached hero status in my book.

What’s the good news?

Well, let me start. The research is conclusive, masks do prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here is the crazy part, the science suggests masking up could eliminate total transmission in a few weeks. Masks scientifically reduce 2/3rds of immediate transmission from infected individuals, and 40% of carriers don’t have any symptoms and are contagious. Yet, each day would be a smaller and smaller group of transmitters until we reached zero. 

That is really important part to let sink in. 

I have a lot of clients over 50. They are not going out. They are not going out because they don’t believe it is safe, and they are correct. The majority of wealth is held in this generation. It is not in the 18-29-year-olds. If we want our economy to pick up, we have to make a world where those who can significantly impact the economy can participate. 

What other neat things that the scientists found?

Humidity makes a difference. The virus is not sensitive to any of the other environment variables like temperature. COVID-19 doesn’t care about the heat or season. It cares about humidity. Science has found, humidity makes the aerosol particles too heavy, and the particles fall to the ground.

I had been watching Georgia and wondering why their rates had been low. Then things changed. By July 22nd, their ICU’s were overwhelmed, infection rates were spiking, and it was complete mayhem. 

What science thinks happened is when the weather warmed more people were using air-conditioned spaces. Air conditioning reduces the humidity in the air. There are significant increases in infections in the 40%-50% humidity zone, where we are most comfortable, versus a higher humidity level. Check out my video on the Aircare Miniconsole Humidifier. I was in Arizona, and the humidity level was 27%!!!

COVID-19 is transmitted through aerosol particles, but it has a LOW rate of reproduction. That explains the timing of COVID-19. It seems to take forever to show up, making us very weary of our vigilance. Like a slug, it slowly moves it’s ponderous body until it can crest the garden wall. 

This brings me to the next point. COVID-19 is dose dependant. This virus has a low replication rate, and you need a certain quantity before getting sick. If only one person is sick and shedding virus into the air, the amount of virus to air is pretty small, making it more difficult for the virus to infect people. But, as more and more people get sick or are in a confined area, the air dose increases until it is infectious and beyond. Space determines contagion, and outdoor ventilation reduces transmission through air dilution.

From the start of this virus, ACE2 receptors in the body are suggested as the means to infect people. These receptors are prevalent in the mouth, the bronchi, nose, and eye, which is why masks and shields work and show positive research outcomes. Most of the virus consumed by an individual will find its way to the nose.

What about immunity? There is some great news on this front. The science has brought up that cellular immunity is what protects the body from reinfection, not antibodies. The antibodies indicate you had an infection. People are concerned because antibodies to COVID-19 are gone by three months. Scientists do not think they have seen a definite reinfection case, which leads them to the hypothesis you may have gain cellular immunity. 

I’m going to put a link to the UCSF review of the latest science. They brought up masking is a behavioral change, and how do you gain behavioral change. I was around in the ’80s when HIV was creeping through our lives. It really was a discussion about how do you get people to use condoms. Even today, with all the STD’s, some people do not use condoms. Yet, it really comes down to role modeling.

I wrote an article, “When You Realize Your Part of the Toxic People and How to Walk to Healthier Ground.” Many difficulties and stresses are facing us today. It’s effortless to accidentally get sucked down in all the toxicity that is happening today and become someone else, especially when someone you love is in danger. It’s going to be up to you to role model the world you want to live in, and hopefully, that blog can give you some ideas.

The other thing I liked was that the research completely supported everything I’m doing in the office to keep the office safe. I’m in an older building and was looking at moving to a newer facility. I am so happy I didn’t. The facility I’m in allows me to open doors and get great ventilation going through the office, which significantly reduces the air dose.

That’s the latest! Great news, and we have better information to protect ourselves. Thanks guys and have a great day.

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