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You know the feeling


For years we have heard, “Take a Glucosamine supplement for joint pain.” It was something I would recommend because it seemed relatively safe. The only negative I had come across was that natural production of glucosamine stops and doesn’t start up again until about a month after stopping supplementation. So, when I started taking a […]

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Changing the Rules – Five Key Questions To Get The Right Health Solution

For many of us, our health priorities have changed from 20 years ago. What use to be a simple black and white response has evolved.


Nutritional Supplements – The Ins and Outs

This week I’m talking with Dr. Daniel Chong a Naturopath in the Portland/Vancouver area. I’m excited about Dr. Chong because he has incorporated IV nutritional therapies into his practice. We’re going to talk about these therapies. Why I’m excited is because I’ve been able to work with Dr. Chong indirectly with a number of my […]

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Really???? Now the Stomach Flu??

That’s right…you heard it. Starting last week, I started seeing cases of the stomach flu. It started in the kids and like every other flu that has come by this year, this flu is in it to win it. So, hang on for the vomiting and diarrhea.

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Cold and Flu Season 2017 – RELENTLESS!

That’s it! That’s my one word to describe our cold and flu season this year.