• UCSD/UCLA Get FDA Approval to Study Chinese Herbs to Treat COVID-19

    UCSD/UCLA get FDA approval to study Chinese Herbs to Treat COVID-19. The [...]

    Published On: September 10, 20213.2 min read
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  • Genetically engineering vaccines to fight COVID19 – the mRNA vaccine

    With the prospect of either Moderna or Pfizer bringing their mRNA vaccine to market, I’ve had clients question me on what is this technology? There are three genetically engineered vaccine technologies trying to come to market. They are the DNA vaccines, the mRNA vaccine, and the adenoviral vector vaccines. I highlight some of the issues that have happened with the flu vaccine which would encourage us to find a genetically engineered solution because the other option would be an injection of some part of the coronavirus.

    Published On: November 17, 20208.1 min read
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  • With an Extraordinary Year, It’s Time to Use the 8 Extraordinary Channels

    Life experiences can become overwhelming. Learn how the 8 extraordinary vessels help you deal with being overwhelmed.

    Published On: October 27, 20205.6 min read
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  • COVID-19! Finally Some Good News!!

    Great news on the research front with Covid-19. The latest research helps you make decisions on your safety and shows how we could eliminate the pandemic.

    Published On: August 24, 20204.6 min read
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  • 9 Legendary Chinese Herbs to Treat Viral Infections Like the Flu

    A significant concern in Western Medicine is treating viral infections. There are [...]

    Published On: April 2, 20205.3 min read
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