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Alzheimer’s Disease – Lastest News From Western Medicine

Alzheimer’s is estimated to affect 5 million people in the US with the age at onset of dementia gradually decreasing. As current treatments have had limited success at arresting the progression of Alzheimer, the search for answers continues.


Music For Healing

Daoism is one of the cornerstones of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The philosophy of Daoism emphasizes the concept of living in harmony with oneself and the life around oneself.  Ancient Daoist believed that this harmony was a “music” which everything plays, including the human body.

About Acupuncture

Why Use Kim Blaufuss, EAMP, Dipl Ac.

Kim Blaufuss, LAc is committed to your health and wellness. To prove it, Kim has gone the extra mile to ensure your experience is as pleasant and informative as possible. From the treatment rooms to the medical treatments, Kim focuses a four step approach to your health and wellness.  

Treatment Tidbits

Moxa – China’s Fountain of Youth?

The search for the mythical Fountain of Youth continues to appeal and intrigue us. Legends about the healing powers of these waters abound in cultures throughout the world. The legendary spring reputedly restored the youth of anyone who drank of its waters. The Fountain has been used as a metaphor for anything that improves longevity. […]

Treatment Tidbits

Fretting About Your Sweating?

Excessive sweat or foul smelling body odor causes discomfort and embarrassment. Sometimes these things can be partially camouflaged with deodorants, showers, towels, and a change of clothes. But, none of these short term fixes address the cause. The next morning, the same sweat concerns that plagued you yesterday will continue to plague you. If you’re […]